Yamaha FG800 Review (Acoustic Guitar) – With Buyer’s Guide

One of the hardest things to get hold of without breaking the bank is a classic acoustic guitar. Not only is it important to a guitar player, it is something that every guitar player wants to add to their arsenal. Price is not the only problem that guitar players face while buying a professional acoustic guitar. Sometimes even after paying a hefty amount one can end up with a horrible guitar.

There are many guitar companies in the instrument market who fail to live up to their self made claims. Often they end up cheating their customers with ordinary guitars in place of the superior guitars they claim to make.

Yamaha is one of the most trusted and successful companies in the guitar industry. One of the main reasons for it’s success is the fact that they don’t claim to make premium guitar at low prices. Professional guitar players normally know what to expect from Yamaha and the company keeps delivering.

Features For Yamaha Fg800 Review

A couple of primary features that are normally associated with Yamaha guitars are durability and a rich tone. If Yamaha is ever asked to choose one guitar to represent their company they would probably go with the FG800. The guitar is everything that Yamaha stands for as a guitar manufacturer.

The FG series is a very well known guitar series by Yamaha and it has survived well over fifty years in this competitive market. The FG800 is also known as the working man’s guitar as the quality it provides in it’s price range is unparalleled. The affordability of the guitar is also a major factor that contributes to the popularity of the product.The reliability and the rich warm tone of the guitar makes it very popular among guitar players.

​This Yamaha FG800 Review talks about the features of the guitar and various factors such as play-ability, tone, body etc. So to find out more about this wonderful guitar from Yamaha, read along as we discuss everything you need to about this product.

More Features for Yamaha fg800 review:

  • Solid sitar spruce top with laminated NATO back and sides.
  • Rosewood bridge.
  • Rosewood fret-board.
  • Full size dreadnought guitar.
  • Warm and boomy sound.

Short Description About These Features

The FG800 is very similar to its antecedents with the addition of the new bracing system. The bracing system that allows the user to play different genres of music is absent in the previous models of the series. The guitar has a typical dreadnought design and the top made of solid sitka spruce. The design of the guitar produces the warm boomy sound craved by musicians. The laminated NATO back and sides not only contribute to the rich tone of the guitar, but also enhances the appearance of the guitar.

Why You Need Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar?

The Yamaha FG800 is for guitar players who prefer the warm boomy sound that is only achievable with a dreadnought guitar. The affordability of the guitar makes it very popular among intermediate guitar players and even professional guitar players who have a limited budget. The tone that the guitar offers is way better that one expects from a guitar in that specific price range. Though the high action of the guitar can be a problem to beginners, the action can be adjusted as per the needs of the player. The guitar is great for unplugged performances and mic out gigs. The fact that the guitar can use to play all different genres of music excites a lot of musicians.

Benefits Of FG800 Acoustic Guitar

The chief attributes of the FG800 acoustic guitar are it’s rich tone and it’s affordability. It is impossible to find a guitar with better tonal quality within the same price range. The dreadnought design of the jumbo size guitar is responsible for the warm tone. The solid wooden top and the laminated back adds to the superior sound of the guitar. Though the appearance of the guitar is not flashy it has decent aesthetics with a sober look that the solid wooden top and laminated sides lend to it. The guitar provides consistency in performance over the years with no loss of tonal quality. The guitar is ideal for beginners and professionals who don’t want to experiment with the less reputed brands.

Product Details

The FG800 is low end guitar from Yamaha and it comes at a very affordable price. The price makes the guitar extremely popular among beginners and even professionals. The hardware of the guitar is relatively simple apart from the solid sitka spruce top and laminated back and sides. The rosewood finish of the bridge as well as the fretboard is a feature that stands out among guitars in that particular price range. The standard tuners that the guitar are good at keeping the strings in tune. The machine heads of the guitar are resistant to the wear and tear caused by the strings.

Where To Buy?

One can look for the Yamaha FG800 in standard guitar standards or Yamaha outlets. Purchasing from the store is the best way to purchase a guitar, as one can check and scrutinize every aspect of the guitar before purchasing it. Many guitar players still prefer to buy their guitars online and if you are one of those, you can look at online platforms like amazon.com. E commerce companies like amazon normally deliver the product within seven to ten days of placing the order.


  • Affordable price.
  • Warm and rich tone.
  • ​Durable.
  • ​Consistent performance.
  • ​Rosewood bridge and fretboard.
  • Solid wooden top.
  • Available in multiple colours and textures.


  • Ordinary appearance.
  • High action.
  • ​Absence of pick ups.
  • ​Can be difficult to play.
  • Not suited for professional performances.

Users’ Opinion About Yamaha FG800 Review

Although a few users complain about the high action, the users are normally quite satisfied with the performance of the guitars. The bland appearance of the guitar does not make much difference to seasoned guitar players. Some users even fall in love with the simple design and appearance of the guitar. Though a few users have reported loss of tonal quality over time the majority of the users claim that the guitar performs consistently over the years.

Final Verdict

Describing the guitar as the working man’s guitar is the ideal way of evaluating the Yamaha FG800 acoustic guitar. The reliability and durability of the product makes it a very popular choice among guitar players. At it’s current price the guitar is complete bargain. It is an offer that guitar players should not let go off. Though the guitar is not capable of producing the quality that is required for professional performances it is enough for quality practice. Undoubtedly it is one of the best guitars available in the market within it’s price range. You have to keep in your mind after completing this yamaha fg800 review, it's better to use the best guitar humidifier to protect your guitar.

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