Yamaha FG700S Review

Yamaha FG700S Review – Is There More Than Meets The Eye

Life is too short to struggle to find your tune on the guitar. The Yamaha FG700S epitomizes enhanced sound quality combined with an authentic design. The Chinese-made guitar is constructed from NATO mahogany. This material is quite popular among entry level guitarists. A closer look at it reveals even more features. The question yet remains, how well do those features fare when in use? Is there more than meets the eye? We take a closer look at this near-legendary instrument.

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Some of Its Top Features

The Yamaha FG700S is known for its rich sound. Experts attribute this to the rosette sound hole that's built into this guitar. Besides, the sound hole is D'Addario guitar strings. These give you the freedom to explore with different styles of play.Also, there is a Dovetail Neck Joint that is meant to increase the guitar's strength.

It is no secret; Yamaha is a leader in creating hand-fitted dovetail neck joints. The beauty of it is that it makes it very easy to create well-balanced tones.

Yet another thing that draws people to this acoustic guitar is its distinct sound. But what makes this worth writing home about? Well, the guitar has a non-scalloped X-Bracing with eight braces. Each one of these produces a unique tone and helps change the vibrations coming from the top.

What’s more? Nothing beats a Yamaha FG700S review when it comes to comfort. The guitar feels nice and light in your hands. Whether you are a skilled guitarist or an amateur, you can always bank on this guitar to have fun. In fact, if playability is anything to go by, this guitar truly reigns in its price-range.

Target Group – Who Is The Average User of Yamaha FG700S?

Millions have built their careers since the FG series came about. Perhaps the main reason behind this popularity is due to the brand's dependability. Indeed, if you are looking to invest in an instrument that is built to last, then this would be a great choice. Such is the beauty of a Yamaha FG700S review.

The Main Benefits of Yamaha FG700S

Unlike most acoustic guitars this one allows you to explore a wide range of sound features. You can always make good use of its open chords to spice up your tunes. And to top it up, you get to enjoy wonderful composition with an amazing combination of highs and lows.

Looking to travel? The guitar comes with a special carrying case (bought separately). Without this case, moving the guitar from one place to another can be a bit hectic.

Yet another bonus is an instructional DVD. This (though sold separately) offers some handy tips and tidbits. It's the kind of guide you need to get off the blocks.

Your low-priced FG700S comes with even more pleasant surprises. Three guitar picks. Plus even if you lose or break your picks, you can always find some new replacements. Worth noting is that you can always choose different colors and gauges.

Real Details

Whichever way you look at it, the Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar is a great choice. It is one of the few six string guitars that can produce respectable volume levels. In fact, its authentic sound quality is the main thing that separates it from the pack. This could be due to its Sitka Spruce or its Rosewood fingerboard. Who knows?

It could even be due to its Nato wood back and sides. Irrespective of the style of music you want to play, be it blues or rock, the FG700S has got your back.

At its low price tag, this guitar definitely makes a great starter-pack. And just in case you are worried about quality, the FG700S is protected by a lifetime warranty. Its quality is certainly beyond reproach and the guitar generally looks wonderful.

What about customer support? Well, the Yamaha team fares pretty well in that. Something could be done to increase response rates, though.

So far the company’s shipping policy seems to be perfectly in place as no complaints have been reported so far. We however encountered one complaint.

The client complained that the guitar arrived broken. Perhaps this is something Yamaha worked to resolve. In general, 99.99% of customers seem to be satisfied with shipping and customer handling.

Things we like:

  • One of the most affordable 6-string acoustic guitars available.
  • ​High-quality design and materials.
  • ​Nice glossy finish that makes the instrument enviable.
  • ​Offers outstanding playing experience.
  • ​Manufactured by one of the top brand names in the music instruments’ industry.
  • Light in weight (under 8 pounds) and generally easy to carry around.
  • Excellent balance of the bass and treble creating a warm sound.
  • This guitar is easy to play as it offers low space between the fret board and strings.

Things we don't like:

  • Some people find it over-sized. Indeed, there are smaller models that are easier to transport and store than this one.
  • Its sound is relatively gentle and so may not work well in large venues. As such the FG700S is best used for small occasions.

User Opinions

“I bought the Yamaha FG700S three years ago. So far it plays like butter and sounds really great.” – William P. Clark

“I would recommend this to anyone who would like to learn playing guitar. It helped me perfect my skills in a short time.” – Tri Nguyen

“I’d like to commend Yamaha for coming up with such a great guitar. It works great and feels like any other high-end guitar. .” – Palm Trees

“The guitar arrived with the neck almost snapped in half. I am very disappointed with the whole shopping experience. Annoyed.” – NP

“I have to admit that I was expecting a much lower quality guitar at this price point. The guitar sounds great and fun to play. It is a great guitar to take out on the road with friends.”- Kevin

Personal Opinion – Verdict

Despite this guitar being perceived as beginner's choice, it offers some great niceties. Its overall design and finish are impeccable. And compared to what else is offered in its price range, you will hardly find a guitar that is as balanced as this one. Besides that, it offers a good platform for learning. I would recommend it for beginners. However, I feel they could have done something about its volume levels. Otherwise, the product deserves two thumbs up.

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