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Are you passionate about all things guitar (i.e. guitars, accessories, guitarists, and music)?

Are you looking for an opportunity to drive high-quality traffic to your website?

If your answer is YES, then we have the perfect opportunity for you. Just write for us, and you will accomplish both goals.

You see, our mission at Guitarist View is simple: to provide high-quality resources to guitar enthusiasts – both beginners and pros alike. And we have made some progress in this already. Just browse through our site and see for yourself. Some of the content on our site is downright spectacular.

However, we're not complacent or satisfied. We are still on the lookout for more content. This includes more in-depth reviews, interesting tutorials, guitar tricks, tips, hacks, and other such info. Among the content we're looking for are articles, how-to guides, infographics, and video tutorials.

If you have something which you would like to share, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line and we'll speak the terms. 

Our Writing Guidelines The kind of content we publish at Guitarist View has to meet the following guidelines: 

  • Use simple, clear and concise language
  • Be specific (i.e. address a specific topic or product)
  • Be unique and original (i.e. avoid copy and paste from another website). You can get inspiration from other websites, but do not copy their text directly
  • Be well-written and edited (i.e. avoid typos and grammatical errors)
  • Have illustrations (i.e. pictures, photographs, graphics, and videos)

The easiest way to understand our writing guidelines is by reading the content on our site. Browse through our content, and you'll have a clear picture of what we're looking for. 

Have A Website or Blog? 

Generating traffic to a website or blog can be quite tough. Having gone through the experience, we do know this. Two great ways of boosting website traffic (and SEO) is through guest blogs and back-links. 

Guitarist View has established a solid reputation for providing expert-level content. As such, we have a considerable readership among guitar enthusiasts – both beginners and professional. We also have considerable traffic.

Our goal is to share this with other sites and blogs in the guitar niche. We do this through two opportunities i.e. guest blogging and back-links.

Guest Blogs If you own a website or blog, you can submit a guest blog to Guitarist View. Your blog will be published together with a bio and back-links to your website. The blog can provide you with exposure to our readership. The back-links can help boost your site's credibility and SEO.

Therefore, if you have an idea for a blog, simply shoot us an inquiry. We are always looking out to help website owners and bloggers in the guitar niche. We will work with you to see how best to have your content published on our website's blog section.

Back-links If you already have some content published on your site, we can provide back-links from our own existing posts. This will save you the hustle of submitting content to our site. It will also enable you to benefit from the traffic that is already coming to our posts.

All you have to do is browse through our site, see an article that similar in topic to one on your own website/blog and we're good to go. We will figure out how to add a back-link to your website.

Having a backlink from our site will give you instant credibility and authority. Remember, Guitarist View has established itself as a leader in the guitar niche. Having a backlink from our site to yours is a great boost for your SEO.

A Small Fee We charge a small fee to websites or blogs which want to use Guitarist View to boost their traffic and SEO. This fee is to enable our writers/editors to examine all content.

At Guitarist View, we only publish the highest quality content. We realize that not all websites can afford world-class copywriters. We thus have our own team which verifies the content and makes improvements before publishing.

Final Verdict

Get In Touch Ultimately, the success of your website will depend on attracting the right kind of traffic. Guitarist View already has access to people who are hungry for content in the guitar niche.

You can benefit from our traffic to boost your own traffic, authority status, and SEO. Get in touch and let's get work out the details. You can contact us right away send a mail to guitaristview@gmail.com.

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