We’ll Help You to Play F-Chord on Guitar

F is the most important guitar chord to learn as a guitarist. But it’s also the toughest chord among the others. Almost all the guitarist struggled with this chord shape. But, it’s a kind of chord that opens up all the other chord. When you will get mastered at this chord, you can learn the other chord easily. So, you can imagine how important this chord is to learn. As it is the trickiest chord shape, you have to apply some technique too. In this tutorial session, we try to cover you up with the F chord. And also we give some tips to make the learning session easier. We will cover Abridged Mini F, Open F, Barre chord F and F major chord. So, have a deep breath and start to learn F chord with us.

Things you may have

It’s common to as a beginner everyone should have an acoustic guitar. You can play the F chord with your acoustic guitar. But I should tell that having an electric guitar gives you some advantages. When you complete our tutorial, you can easily understand that why we tell this. Fretboard of an electric guitar is less wide than the acoustic guitar. That’s why we said that having an electric guitar will be easier for you. 


Do you know that the F chord is mainly the F major chord? If you don’t know this, you do know now. In this tutorial session, we will go through from the easiest shapes to the hardest shape. Because it will comfort you while learning the lesson. My suggestion is to you that take your guitar and try to practice the shapes while learning them at the same time. It will help you to learn the shapes with fun. So, grab your guitar and let’s start.

Abridged “Mini” F shape

This is the first F chord shape, you should learn first. It’s also the easiest one. Let’s see the finger position on the fretboard. 

Putting the Index finger

Place the index finger of yours on the E string and B string at the same time. If you got confused with the string, then simply the words are on the lowest first and second string of the guitar put your first finger. You have to press down both the strings of the first fret. It will be the toughest part for the beginners to hold down the two strings at a time.

Special Tips

Placing your middle finger

Place the middle finger or the second on the third string of second fret. Try to press the G string at the edge of the fret. It will give you the clear and clean sound while strumming. 

Placing your ring finger

On the fourth string and third fret place the ring finger or the third finger. Another word, on the D string and third fret put your third finger. Practice them again and again to hold the three finger perfectly to get the clear sound.

Special Tips

Picking and strumming the four strings

In this chord shape, you have to only strum the last four strings. Let the first two E and A strings mute. It seems quite difficult for a beginner while strumming. But eventually, you got used to it. Start picking one by one the last four strings. Ensure that all the fingers are placed perfectly. Once you are ready, then try to strumming the last four strings. If you are playing them clearly, you are now playing the F chord. Try to move to another chord shape and come back again to F chord shape.

Open F chord

Open F chord is sometimes called Old School F. Because this chord was played by the musicians of the 60s and 70s. It seems quite difficult than the Mini F. But it is the lot easier than the barre F.

Step 1

Place the index finger of yours on the lower first and second strings, first fret. In other words, on the lower E and B strings put your first finger. This is the same as the earlier mini F. 

Step 2

Put the second finger of yours on the third string of second fret. If it seems difficult, on the G string, second fret put your middle finger. Careful about the index finger. Don’t move them. 

Step 3

Place your pinky on the fourth string, third fret. In other words, on the third fret press the D string with your fourth finger. 

Step 4

Finally, hold down the fifth string on the third fret with your third finger. In other words, on the A string and third fret place the ring finger. Now, you are ready to play the open F.

Special Tips

Barre F Chord

You can guess the pattern from the name of the chord. You have to make a bar with your first finger. Let’s see how

Step 1

Place the index finger all across the six strings. Then press down them all together on the top fret. It will be tough for the beginner. 

Special Tips

Step 2

On the G string and second fret place the middle finger. 

Step 3

On the third fret press down the A string or the fifth string with your third or ring finger. 

Step 4

Hold down the D string or the fourth string with your fourth finger or the pinky on the third fret. By doing all the steps you are now ready to play the Barre F chord. This seems quite difficult for the first time. But, you can get used to it with your practice.

Things we should consider

As I told before, learning F chord with an acoustic guitar is a lot harder than with the electric guitar. Because Strings of the electric guitars are closer on the fretboard. It will help you to avoid putting the extra strength on your finger. 

Final Words

These are all the shapes we are promised to cover. If you use an electric guitar to learn F chord, try to change the thinner strings of your guitar with the thinner strings. It will release you to give the extra pressure on the strings with your finger. As a beginner, you might struggle with this chord. But with practice, you can go through this struggle. Best of luck with your learning!

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