How to Use Guitar Humidifier – Proper Tutorial For Beginner

Playing a guitar whose exterior surfaces appear very smooth and shiny is certainly the desire of every guitar owner. This also applies to the inside of every guitar. But, maintaining the state of the guitar requires a little investment. Fortunately, there are many products that you can use to maintain the well being of your guitar. The product you will choose will depend on how deep your pockets are and the results you want to achieve. But, laying hands on a guitar humidifier is almost inevitable. If you own an acoustic guitar, you will need to use a humidifier at some point.

use guitar humidifier

You need a humidifier for purposes of maintaining the humidity within the inside of your acoustic guitar. This is important for two major reasons. First of all, it is one way to prevent the swelling of your guitar. Second, it is a means of preventing warping or shrinkage cracking. If the humidity in the guitar is not kept within reasonable limits, either shrinkage cracking or swelling can occur.

But, this is not the only reason why you need a humidifier. You also need a humidifier to maintain the sound being produced by your guitar. Your guitar may produce perfect sound today and pathetic sound another day depending on the humidity.

How to use a best humidifier?

Now that you know why humidity is an important factor in as far as playing and keeping a guitar is concerned. You can proceed to understand how best you can control it. How can you use a humidifier to maintain the well being of your guitar? Which humidifier is worth using and why? These three Amazon products can do the trick.

You need to use a hygrometer before you can use this any humidifier. A hygrometer is appropriate for determining the humidity inside the guitar and its surroundings. Generally, a humidity ranging between 40 and 50 % is fine. Humidifying is necessary if the humidity extends below 40 %. Once you have determined that your guitar needs humidifying, you can use one of the following Amazon products.

Room humidifier - Ultrasonic Cool Mist humidifier

Clean and efficient choice for raising the humidity of the room to around 40 to 50 %. It is a smart choice especially in cases where the humidifier is not giving you optimum results. It is perfect for small and medium rooms. It comes with the following features. No battery is required for the operation of this appliance.

1.5 liter tank

The tank that stores the water which the appliance uses for humidifying the room. Fill it up to the brim or halfway depending on your own preferences. This is a durable tank designed to hold up to 1.5 liters of water. The water you can add is normal tap water. Provided that the tank is full, the machine can continue working continuously for a period of 16 hours.

A nozzle

The mist nozzle which releases mist into the room for purposes of humidification. It can rotate through 360 degrees at an amazing speed. The nozzle is able to produce around 150 ml of water or moisture in a single hour. You can adjust speed and mist direction as often as you wish. This gives you complete control over the humidity in specific parts of the room.

Auto shut down

This feature has been incorporated for purposes of enabling the appliance to shut down in two instances. If the tank level is critically low or when the tank has been removed, this feature takes over. Always adjust the water levels in the tank as often as the need arises. This is especially vital if you want the humidifier to be in operation throughout the day or night.

Humidity Monitor

Monitor the room’s humidity levels with this device. Place it at any convenient location within the room and wait for it to give you readings. It is a digital device and thus gives the estimated values of the humidity in the room. Its features are as follows.

Measure temperature and humidity

The device measures both humidity and temperature. Its values are displayed in Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius.

Digital display

Read the temperature and humidity on a large clear screen. The readings are displayed in their respective units.

Daily record keeping

It keeps the records of the highest and lowest humidity and temperature readings. Check these records whenever the need arises to help you determine the best humidity for the room. This feature is important for people using manual humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

How to solve the humidity problem

In order to solve the humidity problem, you have to use the right humidifier. Try one of the following products.

D’Addario humidifier

This is an amazing product backed by a lot of accolades. It is useful in environments that are closed and small. It is easy to use and setup. Simply stick it between the strings of the guitar and wait for it to do the magic. It has the following features.

  • Auto protection: Enjoy auto protection of your guitar from the effects of humidity and prevent both shrinkage cracking and warping. Simply set it up and wait for it to do the job.
  • Two way humidity control: It can maintain the humidity both inside you’re your guitar and the instrument case. All it does is to automatically ensure that the humidity level in both the guitar and the case does not exceed the 40 to 50 % range.
  • Auto adjustment: Switch it on and just let do the job. You will not even need to adjust the settings even when seasons change. It can also auto adjust its settings depending on the geographic location.

Boveda two way humidifier

This is yet another amazing Amazon product which has seen extensive use over the years. It is renowned for its ability to produce amazing results within a short time frame. Its features are as follows.

  • Starter kit: Comes with four boveda packs each weighing 70 grams and also has fabric holders which are leak resistant. These can hold as much moisture as any guitar case can accumulate and still remain intact.
  • Two way humidification technology: It can add or remove moisture from the guitar case as often as the need arises. Simply place it between the strings and let it do the job. It is designed to maintain the humidity within the range of 45 to 50 %.

Final Thought

The humidifiers indicated above, are amazing products that can do it for you. But, there is some important information worth keeping in mind. First of all, you are supposed to bear in mind the fact that the environment you are in will determine your guitar’s humidity. Always determine the humidity of your surroundings before you can modify the humidity of your guitar.

It is also vital to have a humidity monitor such as a hygrometer. Most air conditioners have inbuilt hygrometers. If you have such an air conditioner, you can keep track of the humidity levels in the house. Also make sure your guitar is always kept inside a bag each time you are not using it.

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