The Best Tips to Follow to Become a Better Guitarist

If you are just starting out playing the guitar, you may find yourself in a tough spot. Although you love playing your instrument, it isn’t unusual to face an impasse when it comes to playing. The guitar is a complex instrument to master and it’s going to take some time before you become good at it.

So, what if you aren’t willing to wait too long to become a good guitarist? Well, in this case, there are a few tips that can help you out. While owning the proper instrument is a step in the right direction, these guidelines will help you reach your goal:

Practice with a Goal 

Practice makes perfect – this isn’t something you need to be told. While this point is certainly valid, one of the biggest mistakes newbie guitarists make is to practice the wrong way. Yes, this is something you can do.

Playing the same piece of music over and over until it is perfect can make you a better player. However, it will not improve your skills the way you want it to. At the end of the day, this type of rehearsal is rather mindless.

If you really want to make the most of your practice, you need to play with a purpose. Before each session, ask yourself – what do I want to achieve today? Make sure that whatever you rehearse will help you build and perfect a particular skill. It is only this way that you will really be able to improve.

Tips to play guitar

Visualize Your Playing and Your Sound 

Of course, regardless of how dedicated you are to practicing, your lifestyle can prevent you from doing this quite as much as you like. Demands from school, work, friends, and family can pull you away from your guitar. This, however, doesn’t mean that you have to cut into your practice time. 

In such cases, it is important to visualize your playing. So, go ahead, put on that piece of music you have been trying to master and play it. However, you will only be imagining the fret-board, strings, and the way your fingers are moving.

Now, this may sound a little out there but this technique has been proven to work time and time again. When you are visualizing your exact movements, your brain is actually firing the relevant neurons. So, although your fingers may not be really practicing, your brain is teaching itself to improve at guitar playing. As a result, it will tell your fingers what to do when you are rehearsing on an actual guitar.

Record and Analyze

When you are playing the guitar, in most cases you will be focused on playing a piece without making mistakes. Due to this, you may not really be listening to the music you are producing. This is a shame, as you will find it difficult to improve if you can’t actually ‘hear’ how you play. 

To overcome this issue, start recording yourself. Then, play it back and listen to how you fared. When you do this, you will be able to grasp your strengths and your weaknesses, making it easier to correct your playing. So, the next time you play, you know exactly what you need to work on. 

Becoming a better guitarist often requires time, dedication, and patience. Of course, if you follow the pointers mentioned above, you will find it a little easier to reach a level that you can be proud of.

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