Taylor GS Mini Review – What It has To Offer Besides Being Petite

Are you looking for a guitar that plays easily and delivers substantial bass? The Taylor GS Mini is certainly worth investigating. Just as its name suggests, the guitar comes with a Grand Symphony Mini body shape. Put simply, this is a typical concert but with a disproportional lower bout. The Mini GS ranks top among travel guitars thanks to its small size and shape. Its surface, though thin, features a solid mahogany top. But can an unbiased Taylor GS Mini review unravel some deep secrets of this instrument? Does its small size affect sound quality? We break down this acoustic cannon down for you.

Its Key Features

If there is one thing Taylor is known for, it’s the ability to build excellent lower to mid-range guitars. To complement that reputation, the GS Mini comes with a high-quality bridge. One thing that makes this bridge unique is its Tusq-compensated saddle. On the other end are the tuning machines. These ones are quite basic by Taylor’s standards. Though they still offer impeccable accuracy.

What you need to know is that this tone is mostly present in high-end instruments. But the GS Mini is not a high-end unit – so what can you expect? Well, it doesn’t disappoint either. It comes with a variation of the tone but with a little more thunder and just enough volume. Indeed, this guitar sounds tight and the tone is always warm. The trebles are accentuated but your GS mini still delivers awesome sound quality. Its Sapele back and Sitka Spruce top complete this model making it tough enough for everyday use.

Target Group – Who Is This Guitar Meant For?

One thing that is clear from the onset is that this guitar is built to be small. Not necessarily cheap. With that in mind, it would be unfair to categorize this is a learner’s guitar. Quite frankly, this one is for experienced guitarists. That should not discourage you from buying it is you are a beginner, though. One good thing about it is that it gives you a chance to grow.

As for the pros, this instrument’s enhanced portability will come in handy. It can be a great addition to your collection. Moreover, its small size does not sacrifice on the sound. Taylor GS Mini actually rivals some more advanced guitars that cost twice its price.

This is more of a future-proof guitar than a learning tool. After all, this brand is known to produce top-grade guitars.

Main Benefits of Taylor GS Mini

The beauty of this guitar is that its action is quite low. The action, In this case, refers to the distance between the frets and the strings. A low action allows experienced guitarists to speed through the scales with ease. Likewise, it makes it easy for beginners to produce clear sounds with no worries of string buzz. To make the deal even sweeter, the designers went ahead and included a patented NT neck joint. This further helps the guitar achieve unbelievable play-ability.

Its voluptuous shape is built for comfort. Thanks to its narrow waist, it sits further down on the leg. That creates enough space for extending the right arm. Of course, you have to be seated to enjoy that benefit. A dread-naught body would make it difficult to play.

Real Details

Taylor GS Mini qualifies to be called a mid-priced guitar. Its price is not exactly low and neither is it too high. It would be safe to call it a lower-to-mid-

tier guitar. In line with Taylor’s tradition, this guitar enjoys lifetime warranty. Its pickups and pickup systems are however covered by a limited warranty for a maximum of 2 years. The product is available both on Amazon and the manufacturer’s website. Amazon is currently offering this product with free shipping. As usual, it takes 5 to 8 business days for such products to be delivered. There are no complaints posted on this issue so far. The manufacturer seems to have invested in great customer support services. Most questions raised about this guitar have been responded to.

Things we like:

  • Produces a dynamic range accommodating versatile playing styles. All thanks to its Sitka Spruce top woods.
  • Its body wood is made up of layered Sapele which is attractive and affordable.
  • Has a clean, symmetrical look mimicking some of the world’s top acoustic guitars.
  • Comes with an ES-Go pickup system which guarantees you of quality, unobtrusive sound.
  • Suitable for experienced guitarists yet still manageable for committed beginners.
  • Easy to transport thanks to its small size and a gig bag which is included.
  • Incredible bass response and improved sound performance.
  • Nice ebony fret-board and bridge for a classy finish.
  • Protected by a lifetime warranty. The manufacturer is ready to stand behind the quality of their products.
  • Offers an easy, laid back kind of feel. This feat blends with its light-weight for a wholesome experience.

Things we don't like:

  • The woods used are not high quality; they seem a little thin and delicate. This could have been Taylor’s way of cutting down on cost but we feel it’s a major weak point.
  • The ES-Go is sold separately. That means you have to dig deeper into your pockets to guarantee yourself of a wonderful time on stage.

User Opinions

If you read an average Taylor GS Mini review article, you are likely to come out with mixed feelings. We sifted through different testimonials to help you make an informed decision. Here are three straightforward ones:

“I bought this unit to replace my old Baby Taylor. I find it much better than the Baby Taylor. It's easy action and sound quality is what drew me to this model.” – Ljs

“I have been using this guitar for a week now and I would like to admit that it has surprised me. Thanks to its small scale, it is very easy to play. It sounds is pretty bright and the volume is higher than that of an ordinary small guitar.” – Finx

“This guitar hardly feels like a short scale. In fact, there is nothing mini about its sound quality. I am very glad I got it. Its bass response is the biggest surprise I have encountered so far.” – Elf Owl.

Final Words

Considering the kinds of guitars the GS Mini rivals with, it’s a steal at its price. It may be slightly expensive than your average beginner model but it compensates you with its futuristic features. It is one of those guitars you can buy and forget about the need to upgrade for many years to come.

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