How to play Rhythm Guitar

Hey everyone! In this rhythm guitar lesson, we’ll help you to start playing Rhythm Guitar as a beginner. In this tutorial, we try to cover some basic things about rhythm guitar as well as cover some intermediate things. We will try to give you steps of how you can continue your journey. You may know a lot of things about Rhythm guitar but you can’t decorate your knowledge properly. So, our target will be to help you to decorate your knowledge and also give a proper guideline to the beginners.

What is a Rhythm Guitar?

Now, the common question of a beginner is What is a Rhythm Guitar? I will start your lesson with the answer to your question. At first, I would like to clear up your concept of Rhythm guitar. You might see in a music concert that there are two types of guitarist were performed in the concert. One guitarist is the Lead Guitarist and the other one is Rhythm Guitarist. In that concert, the role of the rhythm guitarist is to make the conjunction with the instruments or the singer. Sometimes rhythm guitar is played by a chord combination of different notes. In rhythm guitar, a technique is applied which is hold down a single chord with the fretting hand and strumming rhythmically with the other hand. Now, you may ask that What is the difference between a Lead guitar and rhythm guitar? Well, a lead guitar is grouped with the lead vocals or lead piano where a rhythm guitar is grouped with the background vocals, bass, drums etc. The Lead guitar gives the melody of the song while rhythm guitar provides the groove. I think you got enough idea of a rhythm guitar as well as lead guitar. Now, we can enter into our main section.

Playing Rhythm Guitar

In this session, we will cover the steps for the beginners. We will give you the overview. If you need more information, you can visit them for more information. Before learning to play a rhythm guitar, you have to learn first how to play power chords, how to play barre chords, common chord progression, how to play open chords, some essential strumming patterns and timing. Here, we provide you the basic of them. For further inquiry, you might visit our other sites which are made for only those individual chords.

Things you might need

You can play rhythm guitar with your acoustic guitar as well as your electric guitar too. So, it’s not mandatory to have a special type of guitar.

Power Chords

The first step of learning rhythm guitar is to learn how to play the power chord. The specialty of a power chord is it has no major or minor quality. It’s a two-note chord. In power chord shape, you can move all around the fret-board. You can learn the different shapes of power chord in our how to play power chord section.

Bar Chords

The second step is to learn the bar chord. For the beginners, it seems quite difficult to make a clear sound with your index finger. Because you need enough strength to make a bar with your index finger to play the bar chord. You can also move around the fret-board in bar chord. To learn more about bar chord shapes you can also visit our How to play a bar chord section. If you are a beginner, it will take time to make the bar chord sound clear. You have mostly to learn the major bar chord shapes and minor bar chord shapes. This will help you to learn rhythm guitar easily.

Some Basic Chord Progressions

Third step is to learn some basic progressions. This will help you playing rhythm guitar. Some basic chord progressions that you should learn is 1 4 5, 1 5 6 4 and 2 5 1. These numbers are the chords of an individual key. You should keep in mind that every major key has seven chords. These chords are numbered from 1 to 7. This chord progressions will also help you to play guitar with unknown songs or in the church gig. So, in the friend zone, this chord progressions will help you to cope up with the songs.

Open chords

Fourth step is to learn how to play open chords. It seems similar to the bar chords in name but they have much difference. Some major open chord shapes that you have to learn are G major, D major, C major, E major, E minor, B, F, A major and A minor shape. These shapes will help you in rhythm guitar. After learning different shapes of the open chord, then try these with progressions.

Strumming Pattern

Fifth step is to learn some essential strumming pattern. You should learn some upstrokes and downstrokes pattern. While strumming doesn’t dig your pick too much. Just stay relaxed and strum. Some pattern is like ‘down-down-up’ pattern, ‘one-two-and’ counting pattern etc. You should practice strumming pattern with bar chord, open chord and power chord.

Developing Timing

Timing is very important for a musician. If you have a good skill in timing people will feel comfortable playing with you. To develop your skill, timing is the most important thing.

Playing Rhythm Guitar Now

After finishing all the above steps, you are now good to go for your rhythm guitar. You should practice with different types of songs to develop your rhythm guitar skill. There are many youtube channel provides different practice session. You can practice with them. Rhythm guitar is the combination of the above steps. You have to understand which technique you should apply to which song. By practicing hard you can get master at Rhythm guitar.

Some tips for you

  • Be relax while strumming. Shake off your hand before starting.
  • Try to play a different chord with a different type of songs. It will help you to develop your timing skill.
  • Play as many chord progression as possible. It will help you to cope up with many songs.

Final Words

Rhythm guitar is a technique which is developed by your practice. More and more practice will become a master. It’s not a short-term process. You have to have patience and dedication. Many beginners start their lesson with a Lead guitar. But it’s very important to start with rhythm guitar. It will give you pleasure as well as the skill that will help you to learn lead guitar easily. The most important thing is a rhythm guitarist is much more popular than a lead guitarist in the friend zone. Hope this article will help you to start your journey of learning Rhythm guitar. Good Luck with your journey!

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