5 Simple Blues Guitar Tips to Master the Blues 2020

5 Simple Blues Guitar Tips to Master the Blues 

Passion is needed in everything you decide to do in life. Whether you are venturing into the business industry, film, and theater, or music, you will need to have that passion. This also implies to individuals who want to dedicate their time to playing blues guitar.

Many instruments ought to be learned at this point, and at times, you will feel overwhelmed. You have to be creative enough to know how to go about learning and practicing at the same time. You will have to cultivate patience and invest time in learning this technique. Read through to understand more on the five tips for playing blues guitar.

Swing is the Thing

One of the key ways of playing blues guitar is by developing a swing, and with that, people will feel it. You do not have to rush it as many guitarists tend always to rush it and end up making it boring. To avoid being boring, you need to come up with a rhythm feel. keep in mind that, if you wanna start, you definitely need a good blues guitar

This is specifically for the shuffle because that is the major foundation of everything you do in blues. You may have great licks, but your audience will not enjoy it if you miss the swing. As you go on improving your licks, do not forget your swing and also expanding your vocabulary to enhance your playing style.

Work on Songs, Not Scales

Have you ever been to a music concert and noticed that some solos of a certain guitarist sound the same? Many people would say it sound monotonous as they expect all types of solos to sound differently.

It is always good to change the perspective at how you consider soloing, and that means never look at them as a collection of certain patterns but something that is tailored to a specific song. You can choose to learn from great guitarists by listening to their kind of songs.

Pay keen attention to the melody and also the message they convey. Afterward, you can practice on your guitar. And if you feel confident enough, you now create a solo that reflects those elements.


If you have heard some of the greatest guitarist play and enjoyed then, you should know that their secret is vocalization. They always sing their phrases and, at the same time, play it on their guitar, and you will never see their fingers wiggling.

That is the most irritating thing one can do when playing blues guitar. Your ears need to correspond with your fingers just the way you will use your breathing to connect to your phrasing to the rhythm.

Vocalize more to create good music, and you should not worry if you will hum or moan as long as you can connect them and bring out something amazing. At this point, your notes are not important, music is.

Beg, Borrow and Steal

Many upcoming guitarists who want to enjoy playing blues guitar always want to bring out a new jam that is original. They want their impact to be felt and also to play something that has not been heard by many, and that means they work to be the best.

Before you start doing something on your own, you always tend to observe how someone else is doing it. It has always been said that the best blues stylist was once a master thief who learned by listening and copying from people who inspired them.

Perhaps you have a favorite artist, you can learn from them. Read about how they started and succeeded and all materials they used to make them better players of a blues guitarist.

Learning from example is always better than starting badly. Sing their best solos and learn how to make one, and you can take some phrases to make your own.

Ears, not Eyes

Just to make it clear, this place is where the ears are more important than your eyes. Your asset is your ears. You will need to use them all through more than you do with your eyes. Some people tend to lose hope because they find it hard to grind through a solo by ear. They get frustrated, and those who end up using their eyes more than eyes come up with mediocre music. You need to cultivate patience and slowly by slowly, with experience you will find it easier. Take for example, you love a song, and it becomes your favorite, you will have to learn the lyrics to sing along. It takes time for you to learn the lyrics, and you are normally eager and patient to learn all that. Your ears do the most work, and just the same way with playing blues guitar, your ears is important.


Blues guitar is known as one of the most popular genres to learn on guitar, and it is always easy and fun at the same time. Playing blues guitar is somehow hard to learn, but with patience and the love for it, you can easily learn. All you need to do is to feel it emotionally.

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