$2000 Scholarship Program !!!

First thing first, what is Guitarist View? It’s an online blog for reviewing guitar and it's accessories. We try to help the community of consumers. We help the buyers to pick the best product. By doing that we are not only helping the buyers but also providing better suggestions for consumers. By reviewing products the companies around the world came to know their lacks. So they try to solve as much as possible. As a result, the number of the best quality product is increasing gradually.

Then, why are we offering a scholarship? Well, it’s pretty simple enough with the big or elder people. There are lots of potential in students too that’s what we believe. And we want to bring out the potential. But you know nothing comes free. Everything has its own price. So you guys have to work hard. You need to submit 2 individual unique article with 700 to 1000 words to us. So grab that laptop or PC of yours and start working.

Program Policy

We are introducing a scholarship program that will repeat itself every year with different topics. The amount of the scholarship will be $2000 which will be given to a single student. The name of our site is Guitaristview.com. So basically you guys can guess that the topic you have to write is guitar. There are some top-notch topics which are vastly popular and easily eye catchy. Such as:

You can follow the material on these topics for generating ideas and understanding how actually reviews look like. Then you have to use your brain to write some awesome reviews. You can write on this topics or topics that are related to them. But personal experience with guitars is also welcome. Which means if you own a guitar and write reviews on it. You have to attach a certain amount of picture. Where you and your guitar is fairly visible. You have to write at least 2 content which will consist of 700-1000 words. But exceeding the limit will be appreciated. Beware don’t copy anything from anywhere, use your brain, use your imagination, use your knowledge to write perfect contents. Which will be readable by a 5th grader. If your luck & your talent co-exist together you can be the winner.

Field of Eligibility

Any running student is eligible. You just have to be a student. You can be at school or university level. The students that are completing any degree from a certain firm are also eligible.

Deadline of Submitting Article

You guys need to submit the content within 21st September 2018. We will close the counter at 12 am 22nd September 2018 . After that, we will examine the articles to find out the best one. The name of the winning article and its writer will be announced on 25th November 2018. The winner will receive his/her reward on 1st December 2018.

How to apply

  •  You already know that you have to write at least 2 article. (Approximately 1500-2000 words total).
  • Submit the articles through email with a heading notifies as “Guitarist View Scholarship”.
  •  You have to provide some personal information which is your Name, Phone, and Address.
  •  Name of the School or University you are currently in.
  •  The department you are studying.
  •  Some kind of proof or any kind of ID card that you are a student.
  •  First 150 students will get an Amazon Gift card.

Send Your Article to scholarship@guitaristview.com to Complete Application

That would be all. If you win the program then you will be notified by e-mail or phone. After that, we will handle how to send you the reward money.

So, let’s get to work. You might win the scholarship and even if you don’t you will have a vast experience in writing field. Which will be a career boost for you. Good luck all.

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