14 Steps You Should Know to Play Guitar & Sing at The Same Time

Most of the people are struggling with playing guitar and singing at the same time. This is because they want to concentrate on both the playing and singing. But, naturally, it’s impossible to put your concentration on two things at a time. Our brain can only concentrate on one thing. So, what you have to do is to put your attention on one thing first.

Now, the question will be how do I start? In this session, we will try to provide you some simple tricks and techniques. These techniques may help you to play and sing at the same time. Many people I have seen that they focus only on the chord that’s why they can’t concentrate on singing. 

So, the first thing is you have to learn to play guitar first. We have a lot of tutorials about different types of chord. If you have some lacking playing different chord you can visit those sites. Again, you have to develop your finger-style quality. It will help you to concentrate on singing more than playing guitar. 

This session is helpful for people who can play guitar. If you are a beginner then it will seem difficult to you. You have to practice hard on playing guitar fluently. If you are looking at your strumming and chord changes then you have to go for a lot of practice. Don’t try to put concentration two things at the same time. Try one by one and then put them together. You have to give more concentration on singing rather than playing guitar. Before begin, you have to go through the above-mentioned things.

Hope we are all set up. Now, we are going to our main session. Have patience and read all the methods.

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Start With an Easy Song:

The first thing is pick a simple song. Pick a song which have less than three chord. It will help you feel enough confident while playing. Try the songs something like Three little birds, Happy birthday, Blown in the wind etc. These songs have simple chord and easy to memorize.

Learn The Basics of The Guitar

As we have said that you have to have a good basics about playing guitar. Otherwise, this session will not be very fruitful to you. Learn how to strumming and changes chords. Because, if you are always looking at your fretting hand and the strumming hand, you can’t put attention on your singing. So, practice hard to build up your skill so that you don’t have to look at your guitar anymore.

Listen to Song Multiple Times

Listen the songs again and again until you catch all the chord changes. Try to listen the same songs 5 times or even 10 times in a row. It will help you understand the track. You can use loudspeaker or simply a headphone. Many people get comfortable with headphones.

Learn How to Play The Song

You have to know how to sing the song. First, pick a song with simple lyrics. Try to memorize the lyrics of the song. Then, sing the song loudly. You can sing the song turn a recorder on. You might sing in the shower or with your pet. It will help you to catch the tune and the lyrics of that song.

Try to Hum

You may hum first while strumming before singing. This will help you to catch the chord changes. Sometimes, it seems difficult to catch the chord changes while singing with lyrics. So, try to hum with the melodies of the song at first.

Think Different Thing While Playing Guitar

It may seems strange to you. But, your main target is to automated guitar playing. It’s a very good technique to thing completely different thing while playing guitar. You can watch television, talking to your friends or thinking about other things.

Start Slowly

Try to sing the songs slowly at first. It will help you to understand the lyrics better. It will also help you to catch your error. Keep practicing again and again until you get no error. 

Practice With The Original Recording 

Sing the songs along with the original recording. It will help you to catch your mistakes. Try to concentrate on your vocal. Match the chords which are playing in the songs. Finally, make sure your phrasing and pitching are matching with the original recording.

Woman Playing Guitar and Singing

Try Different Key

Try to change the key while playing. Try to find the key which is perfectly match with your voice. Move the chord one step up or down along with the fret-board. 

Note Down The Chord Above Lyrics

The best idea is to write down the specific chord above the lyrics. It will help you to catch the chord change in the song. In a song, different chords are played. If you write down those, it will help you visually while playing.

Try Something Different

Don’t try to follow the chords of the original recording all the time. Try something of your own. Try to hit or strumming different to give the song different melody. It will feel you free while singing. 

Listen Cover Songs of Other

Try not to listen only the original recording. Rather, you might listen and practice with some cover songs by other singer. It will give you different way to think.

Play and Sing for Real

When you are complete your beginner level, then you are good to go for the real. Play and sing at the same time. Give focus on your singing rather than playing guitar as I said before. Develop your automated play skill. 

Practice More and More

Don’t stop practicing the songs you already learn. Even the professionals are practice in a regular basis. So, try to practice whenever you get time in a day. It will help you to understand the area clearly.

So, these are the 14 techniques for how to play and sing together. Hopefully, it will help you in the long run.

Special Tips

Final Words

Singing and playing are not separate things. But you have to understand the difference between them. There are two simple things, try to develop your automated play skill and put your concentration on your vocal. That’s it. With your practice, you can develop your skill. But, it’s a long time process to get mastered at play and sing at the same time. My suggestion is to you is don’t worry and keep practicing for the best. Good Luck!

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