MXR Dyna Comp Review [Updated for the year 2019]

MXR Dyna Comp Review [Updated for the year 2019]

If you love playing guitar, you may have an idea of the importance attached to volume output. As far as taming volume spikes is concerned, it’s important to invest in a compressor pedal. One issue with these pedals, though, is that they come in many shapes and sizes. The job of finding one that meets your exact needs is almost always frustrating.

Fortunately, some manufacturers have set a track record of providing consistent quality. One such is MXR. Their popular MXR M102 Dyna Comp is ranked among the best choices in town. It is seen an indispensable device by many for crafting the perfect tone.

Fortunately, some manufacturers have set a track record of providing consistent quality. One such is MXR. Their popular MXR M102 Dyna Comp is ranked among the best choices in town. It is seen an indispensable device by many for crafting the perfect tone.

Some of Its Key Features

MXR is a popular brand in the world of compressor pedals. The brand’s pedals are known for their high quality and excellent performance both on and off stage. The MXR M102 Dyna Comp is basically the industry standard.

As far as compressor pedals go, this is arguably one of the best options available. It is housed in a compact and tough red chassis that complements its solid body. 

At the same time, the pedal has two knobs for Output and Sensitivity on the pedal’s interface. Tuning the output knob increases gain as well as aggression. 

MXR M102 Dyna Comp Compresor Pedal

The sensitivity knob is for determining the actual sound compression for great sustain. To top it up is a big footswitch and LED indication light. These help you determine the mode of operation. The footswitch is intuitive to use and easy to dial in.

At the same time, it boasts in-line technology to even-out the signal that gets to your amplifier. As a result, consistent performance and smoother sound is achieved. This is regardless of the style of music.

In addition, it is built to the Nashville studio standard sound quality. It can therefore add sustain to your solos and prevent tone loss in the mix.

Moreover, the pedal boasts a constant output signal for optimal and stellar sound. On one side of the pedal we have the input and output jack. Obviously, the pedal runs on AC Adapter (Dunlop ECBOO3). It also has a battery compartment which can be powered via a single 9 Volt battery.  

Some of Its Key Features

Whether it is practicing with band mates or playing on stage, this pedal will deliver the best. It’s suitable for metal, rock, bass and indie guitarists

In addition, it will make a great tool for musicians looking to burst out solos without going out of tone. This is because in essence, the pedal usually attenuates signal peaks. The result is more consistent sound. 

Adding this pedal to your rig is important. It is especially crucial if you find yourself losing some kick on lower notes. It’s also a great option if you are considering owning your first compressor pedal. This is more so if you don’t want to pay too much.

MXR M102 Dyna Comp Main Benefits

This pedal is all about versatility. The controls featured on it will help change your low-end tones. They are quite intuitive offering the ability to increase or reduce volume output. You can dial the controls to their maximum for a more metal-like sound.

Besides, you can adjust the sensitivity of the compression according to your taste. Just play around with the controls and you’re sure to find your desired tone with the right sustain. In addition, you can choose to either bypass or activate the pedal using the footswitch.

Its sound quality is particularly good. The pedal clearly adds some warmth, fatness and boosts sustain to the level you desire. Featuring compression circuit, the pedal ensures high tones come out very well. It thus offers naturally expansive sustain. This is of course without interfering with the sound’s dynamics. 

 MXR M102 Dyna Comp Compresor Pedal

Real Details

If you’re thinking of delving into the world of compression pedals, the M102 Dyna Comp is a perfect choice. Featuring a mid-price tag, the pedal is no doubt an affordable option. It might actually be the only compressor pedal you’ll need in a lifetime. 

Accompanying this compressor pedal is a one-year warranty covering manufacturer’s defects. The warranty replacement is hassle-free. Moreover, the manufacturer has committed to offering good customer support on all queries. This means you can buy the MXR M102 Dyna compo with confidence. 

Things We Like

  • Provides a nice warm clean tone when the controls are dialed around 12 o’clock.
  • Boasts simplistic design that is friendly to beginners.
  • Adds smooth and great sustain to the lead lines.
  • Well built for professional and beginner players.
  • The dials are easy to read and access without having to bend down.
  • Offers quite a bit of punch while allowing for better and stronger signal.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The pedal does make some noise in the amp. Some people find the noise tolerable but some feel it affects the signal quality. 
  • It does not offer much compression range. For this reason, it lacks great sustain although it is decent enough.

Some User’s Opinions

“This is a solidly built pedal. It does what it claims to do. I however found it too noisy for my pedal-board. But since I know some musicians who swear by the pedal, I would recommend it.”- Otstratman 

“High quality and nicely priced, this is a great, little unit. The compression range was limited but I’m happy with the purchase.”- Slowknowing

“Best sounding compressor pedal. I’m loving its great sustain. Its sound quality is much better than I actually expected.”- Ricko 

“I’m happy that I trusted the positive and negative reviews online. Sure, it adds some noise. But once you start raging with your band, you will not notice the noise.”- Jessica

Personal Verdict

The M102 Dyna Comp has received serious competition from more expensive pedals. But it still is a great compressor pedal among many musicians to-date. Its remarkable sound quality is one of the reasons it’s a favorite among pros. 

Its components are not as high quality as some other options but you get what you pay for. So if what you want are punchy cleans or smooth lead tones with decent sustain, the M102 is for you. 

That said, this a great pedal for the price if you want to expand the feel of your sound. It has interesting features like we have seen in this MXR Dyna Comp review. My only wish is if they could add more controls to introduce even more tonal flexibility.

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