The Martin DRS2 Review – Does It Live Up To The Hype

Who said it is difficult to find a great guitar that combines the best of both worlds for guitar players? The Martin DRS2 Acoustic Electric Guitar is a living proof that it is not. Whilst it could hold its ground as an acoustic guitar only, it does not. Its electric capacity makes for a versatile unit. Above all, the guitar has received a lot of positive reviews online. Many users praising it for its excellent playability and sound. But the question is, for the price, is this guitar really a worthy investment? Does it live up to its claims of being a solid acoustic-electric guitar? Or is it just one of those guitars that are priced high and they end up performing like cheap guitars? Let’s find out in this Martin DRS2 review.

Martin DRS2 Key Features

The Martin brand hold weight in the world of acoustic-electric guitars. Their DRS2 is a prime example of the quality output the brand has to offer. It comes with a variety of great features to meet your musical needs. Every aspect of the Martin DRS2 just screams ‘premium’. Its body boasts solid Sitka spruce top for great balance and projection. The back and sides boast solid sapele that results to bright tonality.

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In addition, the guitar’s neck has a modified low-oval shape that is quite comfortable. The neck is a standard 25.4 inch constructed from select hardwood and boasts a satin finish. It is also made of multilaminated stratabond for extra stability and endurance. The guitar’s overall look is further subdued with black richlite fretboard. As a result, you enjoy better playability. Moreover, the fingerboard is coupled with 20 frets and white style 28 dot inlays.

As an added feature, its strings are reaffirmed using a set of chrome enclosed tuner machines. It comes complete with Fishman Sonitone electronics. You don’t have to spend a lot of time fiddling around just to get the

right sound. This compact-size, plug-play electronics makes it much easier to achieve great tone. Just plug in and you are ready to go.

Martin DRS2 Reviews

Its unique and enduring black richlite is also featured on the guitar’s modern belly bridge. Inside the soundhole are two control knobs for the volume and tone. The controls are built to allow for ease of access.

Who Is The Average User of Martin DRS2?

If you’re thinking of spending big, the Martin DRS2 is the guitar to go for. It is designed for price sensitive players. Of course for those looking for a rich but traditional Martin tone at a reasonable price. Similarly, it is a travel friendly versatile guitar as a result of its solid construction. And when it comes to the style of music, it is not too picky.

Featuring a 1.69 inch width at the nut, this guitar offers easy playing experience. It is comfortable for strumming hence a great choice for beginners. Its sound is lively and very articulate. Therefore, it works amazingly well in live show settings. Judging by its versatility, it caters even for heavy finger-style players. Above all, it is ideal upgrade guitar for players wishing to advance musically. But that does not mean it is not ideal for professional players. On the contrary, intermediate players are the target audience for this guitar. It can actually withstand just about anything a gigging musician could throw at it.

Martin DRS2

What Are The Main Benefits of Martin DRS2?

The electronics of this guitar contributes to its overall quality in terms of sound. They offer a naturally louder and brighter sound thereby enhancing your tones. The sapele guitar sides allow for a deadly focused midrange with great sustain. It also adds the right amount of crispness to the guitar’s sound.

Its slim neck profile takes the playability of the DRS2 to a whole new level. As a result, it boasts smooth transition from acoustic guitar to electric. It also fits comfortably and its action is quite easy to manage. On the other hand, the guitar’s top, back and sides features A-frame ‘X-1’ Bracing. Consequently, maximum resonance and projection is achieved. The quality of the guitar itself inspires so much confidence to players. It has the right amount of treble, bass and midrange and can get as loud as you can play.

Real Details

No doubt, the Martin DRS2 is not a cheap guitar but a mid-priced unit. It brings a great value at a reasonable price. Shipping of the guitar is very fast. In most cases, it takes at least three days before you can have your guitar. This means no long waiting periods to worry about. Customer support on the other hand is decent.

Martin DRS2

Things we like:

  • Sound is excellent for both acoustic and electric.
  • For what you will be getting, the Martin DRS2 is quite affordable.
  • Comes with a hardshell case to protect the guitar from external factors.
  • It is easy to EQ and tune the guitar using the built in electronics.
  • Its bridge system includes a white tusq saddle.
  • The guitars top projects crispy tone and excellent responsiveness.

Things we don’t like:

  • The stratabond material used on the neck is quite heavy. It results in slight neck heaviness in the guitar. You are bound to feel the weight especially when using the guitar while standing.
  • Its price can rather be hefty for people on a shoestring budget.

User Opinions

“I ordered this guitar on Tuesday at night and by Thursday I had it with me. I like its deep bass tones and classic looks. I would buy another guitar model from Martins again and again.”-Daniel L

“It might have cost me an arm and a leg to by this guitar but it was worth it. It rarely goes out of tune. It has nice crisp mids and highs. My only regret is that I wish I had bought it like decades ago.”-Jack

*I love this guitar’s top quality construction. It is easy to play and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the guitar. If you want a great acoustic-electric guitar at a steal of a price, the Martin DRS2 is the way to go.”-Jimmy

Personal Verdict For Martin DRS2 Review

It’s a fact that this guitar has won the hearts of many beginner and professional players. It boasts beautiful tonality as well as resonance all round. Being versatile, it caters for the needs of a range of players. It might be a little pricier but you get a lot of bang for your back. All things considered in this Martin DRS2 review, the DRS2 is great guitar. It will not disappoint you even when it comes to sound quality. It has the iconic bright and clear Martin sound.

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