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Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar Review – A Proper Buying Guide

When it comes to music, a bit of style and authenticity goes a long way in improving the quality of tunes. Indeed, what stands-out in all Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar review columns is that it’s built with authenticity in mind. From its finger-board, neck profile to its strings and bone nut, everything about it seems well thought-out. But how does it fare when put to the test? How good is its sound production? Is it well-priced? We take a closer look at the lightweight “Grand Lady”.

Some of Its Top Features

The S34C NEX is covered by a laminated spruce top complete with a rosewood fingerboard. To complement this light-weight design are sapele back and sides. It also boasts a glossy, natural satin finish that serves to maximize on sound quality.

It has two options for the body which are the cutaway and dreadnought design. This design creates a very good impression for the guitar. The single cutaway design with Venetian style allows better access to higher frets.

It also features full body binding that makes it a great travel axe. This is in addition to a slim neck profile to give you a smooth feel and secure grip when playing. Thanks to its advanced "X" bracing system , this guitar delivers great sound quality. This is clearly better and more vivid due to the density of the wood used. It also boasts synthetic bone-nut, 6-strings and saddle to complement its overall design.

Target Group - Who Is It Meant For?

This is a great acoustic guitar that should work well for any player who is just starting out. Beginners will like this guitar for its operability and simplified features. Learning how to play it is actually easier than many first-timers would expect. It's no wonder it is recommended for all levels of learning by most guitar players.

Another reason why this is a great acoustic guitar for beginners is its great quality sound. Best of all, this model can take some of the workload off some of the more expensive brands. Experienced guitar players could also use it but as a backup for their practices or travel. It's also a great-buy for those in search of a decent acoustic guitar that plays well and are in the market for a bargain.

Main Benefits of Jasmine S34C NEX Guitar

What sets this guitar apart from its competitors is its famous Advanced “X” bracing system. This system features forward-shifted pattern that puts the braces closer to the sound-hole. The braces are quarter-sawn thereby providing exceptional stability than most bracing wood. This ensures that a much livelier and improved note is produced.

Additionally, the braces of the Jasmine S34C NEX guitar boasts a scalloped design. The design reduces weight and enables the top to freely vibrate for better tone quality. Rounded by a solid rosewood bridge-plate, the guitar offers superior note-separation and balance. And its pick guard protects your guitar from damage, giving it long life. It would be a shame to scratch its surface while strumming with a heavier pick.

Real Details

For its very affordable price, the S34C NEX acoustic guitar is a great choice for musicians. The guitar is manufactured with great craftsmanship. Its laminated top gives it a high-end look yet its price tag is quite friendly. You can find it on Amazon where it's currently offered under two years warranty and free shipping.

The manufacturer has committed to remaining responsible for the instrument under warranty. But, there are some limits. The warranty is only effective if the guitar is well kept. Perhaps you are worried about delivery. Well, according to most reviews, it takes about three days to have this delivered. That of course may vary depending on your location.

What stands out about this manufacturer is that they offer good customer service. This is important because sometimes you may want one or two things clarified. A full-time customer support system means your questions are answered in good time. And in case of any serious issues, the team can send you a replacement.

Thinks We Like

  • The sound of the guitar will exceed your expectations given its price.
  • Its 25.5 inch scale length allows fast playing and easy finger sliding.
  • Lightweight and compact hence great for beginners.
  • Stays in tune regardless of how long you play it due to its chrome tuner.
  • Well built to serve you for a long time as long as it is taken good care.
  • Features interesting design that is also original.
  • Boasts consistent tone that improves through time.
  • Has a great feel to ensure you enjoy every moment of playing it.

Thinks We Don't Like

  • You will need to buy a good set of strings to enjoy better sound quality that is consistent. This should not worry you though because everything about this guitar is affordable.

User’s Opinions

“I’m a bass player learning to play guitar. So I decided to buy the Jasmine S34C NEX acoustic guitar just to mess around with. It is easy to play, sounds great but its strings did not last long so I had to replace with better ones.” - Alex

“This guitar is definitely a steal and it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or not. I just couldn't believe that there are selling at such a low price. It stays in tune, is easy on the fingers and the sound quality is wow.” - Judy

“Bought this guitar for my son and he didn't expect much but he was really impressed with its quality. But, I had to buy a carrying case which was not a big deal to me given the guitar is inexpensive.”- Jeff King

Personal Opinion - Verdict

Truth be told, the Jasmine S34C NEX acoustic guitar is a great entry level guitar for beginners. It ranks highly in terms of return-on-investment compared to other expensive guitar models. Personally, I like the detail that went into the sound engineering for this guitar. I also love its pick guard that ensures this guitar does not get scratched or even damaged. Its Advanced “X” Bracing system is also well done to allow for some better resonance. I would therefore recommend this acoustic guitar. First, for its good quality and second for its great performance.

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