3 Steps That Will Make You Influential to Play Lead Guitar

Hello everyone! If you are a beginner and want to learn how to play lead guitar, then you are most welcome to our site. Even if you know some basic kinds of stuff about lead guitar and visit us for gathering your knowledge furthermore then you are also welcome to our site.

At first, I try to give you an overview of how we start playing lead guitar. The first thing we should learn is to holding the guitar and picking the strings properly. It will help you to get a fresh start. Then we will try to cover some technique like legato, hammer-ons, bends, pull-offs, and vibrato. These techniques will help you to make your solos sound awesome which will give you enough confidence to go further. I think these words will help you to feel learning lead guitar interesting. So, let’s start our main journey.

Things You Might Need

To learn how to play lead guitar all you have to need a guitar. That’s it. Many guitarists play lead guitar with the electric guitar. But you can also play lead guitar in an acoustic guitar too. So, to practice, you can use any type of guitar that you have. But I prefer an electric guitar to get the most satisfaction. 

First Step To Play Lead Guitar:

Now, we are in our main section. First thing I would like to say you that I consider all the visitors as a beginner. So, I would like to cover some basic stuff at first. Then I will cover some great techniques for playing the lead guitar.

Some Basic Postures

For the beginners, it is recommended to go through this section. Because it is very important for a beginner to concentrate in his posture.

Hand Posture

The first thing is concentrate in your hand posture. Here are the tips, pretend like you are holding a ball in your hand. It will give you the perfect hand posture. Now, put your thumb on the back side of your guitar’s neck and put the rest of the fingers on the fret-board. 

Play Lead Guitar

Finger Posture

The other important posture before starting is finger posture. Press the strings with the pick of your fingers. Be aware of placing your fingers on the fretboard. Place your finger behind the fret for avoiding the extra buzzing sound. Keep your thumb on the back of the neck.

Designated Finger Concept

In the series, we often use this term. Let me clear the concept with an example. Suppose you are playing a G major scale. Now, in this concept, you should play all the notes in the second fret with your first finger, all the notes in the third fret with your second finger, and so on. Hope it will make a sense to you.

Picking Techniques

The most important thing is to follow the picking techniques. There are three types of picking techniques to play the lead guitar. Down-strokes, Up-strokes and Alternate picking.


To apply the down-strokes technique, you need a pick to strike the strings. The pick size is up to you. Now, let’s take the E string, push down the string with pick enough to make the string sound. Keep applying this in the other strings. Practice, again, and again to speed up your picking. 


In this technique, pull the strings up enough to make the strings sound. This technique will take more time than the down-strokes. Keep practicing until you get comfortable with it. 

Alternate Picking

After get confident with the above techniques, now you are ready to go to start alternate picking technique. This technique is the combination of the other two techniques. Just practice ‘up down up down up down’ pattern.

Step 2:

As a beginner, your first goal should be to speed up your picking and make the sound clean. 70 beats per minutes is a good speed. 

If you cover all the above things, we will good to go to the main section. 

G Major Scale

G Major Scale

G major scale is the fundamental of all the guitarists. In order to play this scale, we will follow the designation finger concept. So, let’s begin with this scale.

G Root Note

It is the lowest note of the scale. Put your second finger on the low E string, third fret. Now, put your fourth finger on the fifth fret which will play the second note. 

A String

Now, it’s time to move to the second string. Put your index finger on the second fret. Now, put your middle finger on the third fret and pinky on the fifth fret. You can see how the designated finger concept works here. 

D String

After finishing the other two strings, you are now good to go for the next string D. Put your index finger on the second fret, middle finger on the fourth fret and finally pinky on the fifth fret. By completing this three notes, you successfully complete the first octave.

Step 3:

After completing the first octave properly, you can then move to the second octave. And thus, you will able to complete the G major scale.

G major Pentatonic Scale

After finishing the G major scale, your next task is to practice the G major pentatonic scale. As you can guess that the name Penta came from the five-note scale.

G Minor Pentatonic Scale


After finishing the G major pentatonic scale, your next task is to learn G minor pentatonic scale. While you are playing the scale, you can feel the difference of it. 


There are various ways to play the vibrato. You can choose one way from them. One of them is bending the strings of the guitar slightly up over and over again to give the signal-vibration.


Legato technique is consisting of two small techniques which are Hammer-ons and Pull-offs. This technique will help you to play your solos amazingly.

These are some basic technique you should learn first to play lead guitar. For being professional you can try the other techniques furthermore.

Special Tips

Your fingernails should always keep short if not you will see some consequences. Like it will be hard for you to put the top of your finger down on the string. You might also make the scratch on your fret-board. 

Things You Should Consider

Always try to relax while playing lead guitar. Just shake your hands off before starting to play. Slightly pick the strings to get the better sound. Always try to concentrate on your finger and hand postures.

Final Words

By following the above tutorials, I never say that you are going to be a lead guitarist. But as a beginner, these steps will help you a lot to start. Most of the famous guitarist will come through these techniques. After finishing this basic stuff, you can go for the further complex techniques. But nothing will help you if you don’t practice properly. So, keep practicing until you get enough confidence. Good Luck with your learning!

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