Playing electric guitars are easy but have to play with a passionate heart. How to play electric guitar is something that lots of new guitar fanatics would ask before jumping into the whole thing. All you need to do is practice plus you’ll need ideas about playing electric guitars. However, learn the basics first to play it properly.

A guitar has a six-string which has a different tune with each and you’ll need to hold it in your lap or hand then play it with adoring heart. If you are buying online plus want to know about the electric guitar as a newbie, then this guide is suitable for you.

Here a guide for you on how to play electric guitar-Beginner Guide. Let’s get started!


An electric guitar has maximum six-string tune which has a heavy board to hold and you’ll need a guitar which is perfect for you. However, here are some tips and ideas on playing an electric guitar for a newbie:

Get A Beginner Friendly Guitar!

You cannot play an electric guitar without a suitable guitar which suits you the best plus you are comfortable to play it. As a learner, It is best to keep away from a pawn shop, tick market, or patio sale procure if not you are buying with someone who has knowledge in getting an electric guitar.

Of course, you’ll need to check the quality plus the design which has a simple plus gorgeous outline. A local melody trade store is perfect for you to get an electric guitar. Also, if you buying online then make sure to get an electric guitar which has the best reviews and best price to purchase.

Know About Play-ability

Electric guitars have six-strings which are heavier and the height of the strings is taller than any usual electric guitars. You really have to practice for an expert in it. At first, it will be heavier to pick or carry but once you adjust it with your finger and your lap becomes stronger, you’ll be able to play it while standing.

Obviously, it will be a little hard to carry but if you use it regularly it will be a piece of cake to carry. If you think it is really heavy for you, then change it with a lighter one. You can find your suitable guitar at any local shops or at online instrumental stores. Make sure to pick an electric guitar which has a big space of strings while playing it. It’ll help your method improve rapidly and professionally.

Understanding Pickups

A pickup is a tool which can sense the hitting strings while playing an electric guitar. Also, electric guitars pickup can make a great noise and help it to transfer into an amp or the loudspeaker. There are single and double pickups in every electric guitar.

However, there are different varieties of the pickup in electric guitars such as single-coil, modern, high-output pickups, etc. To play guitar, you’ll have to check these pickups as it hits the strings with modern outputs into the amp.

Learning about Bridge

In every guitar, there is a bridge in the bottom of the guitar which helps to transfer the sound to the amp while hitting the strings. This gadget can shift the tone into the loudspeaker while making a vibration. It also helps to hold the strings at the bottom and help to change the tone.

There are many artists who want to hit the high pitch with electric guitar this can be solved by the bridge which can adjust the vibration by higher or minor sound.

Practice Cords!

A cord or string creates sound in the guitar. In electric guitars, because there are no gaps, the vibration is transferring to a pickup which wits the vibration of the transfer of the strings to the signal on to the guitar amp.

Get Help

A newbie need help of someone who is an expert on playing guitar since they know much about melody and tunes. However, if you manage to get help from an expert then quickly get the assist and learn about the basics of playing electric guitar. Also, there are lots of websites and online tutorials which give a newbie some technical ideas.

You can go to YouTube and search for it. Nowadays, many websites give thoughts about playing guitar with simple and effective hacks which can help you to play it properly. Moreover, playing an electric guitar with an expert can save your time on playing it and you can learn it in a short time. Make sure to get help from an expert or professional guitarist.

Practice Regularly 

A newbie always needs practice for a great result. Yes, practice makes a man perfect. Learning electric guitars need a lot of practice. Some people did their practice in 4 to 5 weeks; on the other hand, some people did it in a month. Well, the good news is if you try a little hard on doing practice and keep your practice in three hours then you will eventually get the best result as a guitarist.

At first, it’ll be complicated but when you get used to it, you’ll get the perfect play-ability on playing guitar. While you are practicing it makes sure to sit in a relaxed position and the guitar should be on your lap with on hand on the front and then play it.


Actually, there are no do’s or don’ts things about learning an electric guitar. You will eventually find lots of interesting ways of learning electric guitars for newbie’s, whether you are on a strict budget for personal tutor or things are a little extra difficult to grab. Also, playing an electric guider may just need you some inspiration or passions even though don’t be frightened to shop around and look for something different.

If you find hard to play it, then close your eyes and just let your finger teach you how to play it heartily. I really hope that this guide helped you about how to play electric guitar as a beginner guide.

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