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5 Best Looper Pedal 2019: Ultimate Buying Guide

5 Best Looper Pedal 2019: Ultimate Buying GuideIf you are a beginner and don’t know what is a looper pedal and what does a looper pedal use for. Don’t worry I will start from the beginning. In a simple word, a looper pedal is an electric device which is used for recording a piece of music and […]

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MXR Dyna Comp Review

MXR Dyna Comp Review [Updated for the year 2019]

MXR Dyna Comp Review [Updated for the year 2019]If you love playing guitar, you may have an idea of the importance attached to volume output. As far as taming volume spikes is concerned, it’s important to invest in a compressor pedal. One issue with these pedals, though, is that they come in many shapes and […]

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Best Overdrive Pedal Reviews

Top 10 Best Overdrive Pedal Reviews – Know More Before Buy

Music is no doubt the best way to communicate to the soul. If you are a guitarist, churning out the best tunes can be a big plus. It is no wonder most musicians invest in an overdrive pedal. As you might be aware, there are so many types of pedals. Therefore, finding one that is […]

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Best Looper Pedals Review

10 Best Looper Pedals Review – What To Know Before You Buy

Are you looking to add layers of complexity to any of your favorite songs? Create epic symphonies of sound you thought were out of reach? A looper pedal may prove to be a valuable tool. It will help you create complex rhythms from various passages played on the guitar. And as with anything in the […]

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Best Distortion Pedals Review

Best Distortion Pedals – Examples Reviewed and Compared

You have the best guitar with a decent amp and great sound, but your amp lacks the kind of distortion sound you need. Yet you want to put a punch and power to your music. Best distortion pedals can open up a whole world of sonic possibilities for you. It can replicate your favorite sounds […]

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