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Fender Champion 40 Review Combo Amplifier 40-Watt

Looking to take your guitar playing skills to a whole new level? The Fender Champion 40 is sure to make that happen. The amp comes with a wide array of sound effects. Despite its small size, it is versatile enough. You can use it either for practice or entertain guests in small-sized venues. And just […]

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  • Marilyn
  • Updated December 30, 2017

Best Guitar Capo Reviews – 10 Capos With A Buying Guide

Are you having trouble playing some of your favorite songs with your guitar? You try to sing while playing and you find that the key is too low to sing in. Sadly, you realize you cannot transpose from one chord to another. Quite frustrating. That’s when the need for the best guitar capo kicks in.Whether […]

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Best Guitar Stand Reviews – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best guitar stand is one the most important accessories you should get for your guitar. This stand allows you place your instrument securely on a rack and at the same time gives you convenient access to play it anytime you want to. If you’re like me, you’d probably not like the idea of storing the […]

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