Fender T-Bucket 300ce Review

Fender T-Bucket 300ce Review – You Need To Know Before Buy

Are you looking for an acoustic guitar that’s not overly loud but can still be heard? May be you're looking for an inexpensive but technologically superior instrument. Well, one guitar that promises to offer such a deal is none other than the Fender T-Bucket 300ce. Despite its low price-tag, it comes with a number of “wow effects”. For instance, it has a graph-tech nubone nut instead of a cheap plastic nut. Its top is made of a fancy laminated flame maple top. Same case with its back and sides. But the question remains – how well does it perform when put to the test? This Fender T-Bucket 300ce review explores.

Features of Fender T-Bucket 300ce

From a distance, T-Bucket 300ce may look like an ordinary guitar. Wait until you look at it closely. For starters, it has a high-end rosewood bridge. To spice things up, the instrument also comes with a set of Fishman’s electronics. It’s well thought-out build gives it a clear advantage over other guitars in its price-range.

This rather cool Fender boasts a classic dreadnought body with a symbolic cutaway. That alone complements its great hardware. As you might be aware, the hardware is the most neglected part of most guitars. Fender seems to have gotten this aspect right. They have installed a decent bridge alongside a high-end nut. This is in addition to a set of decent tuning machines.

As far as electronics are concerned, T-Bucket 300ce boasts a Fishman Isys III system. This is certainly one of the most sophisticated systems out there. It gives you a nice combination of three-band EQ alongside a built-in chromatic tuner. Even if you are not a pro, you can still get a good tone once you plug this into an amp.

Target Group – Who Is This Guitar Meant For?

This guitar is known for three things:

  • Slick visual appeal.
  • Easy play-ability.
  • Authentic acoustic sound.

It’s heart and soul lies in its natural sounding and dynamic tone. And thanks to the incorporation of quarter-sawn scalloped bracing, you enjoy better responsiveness.

For skilled guitarists, the guitar offers a pack of goodies. It has an active preamp. That's in addition to enhanced tone controls. This dynamic duo is sure to turn any event into a feast.

Beginners can also have a good time with it. You only need to be a little patient to learn its tricks and you’ll be good to go. Overall, the T-Bucket 300ce is perfect for people who want to advance their skills.

The icing on the cake is that the guitar is well-priced. You can always bank on it if you are operating on a tight budget.

Main Benefits of Fender T-Bucket 300ce

One thing that stands out about this instrument is that it's incredibly supercharged. It comes with upgraded features including an outstanding holographic rosette inlay. There’s no doubt, this guitar is a prince of aesthetics. Its headstock graphics work pretty well with its fingerboard inlay. This creates a “pop” on stage kind of spotlight for you.

Its advanced bracing reinforces its crisp-sounding laminated maple top allowing for free vibration. This provides a greater projection. Moreover, its mahogany back is highly effective at balancing the sound. The two parts (top and back) work seamlessly to create a detailed voice bringing out the best in every chord.

And there is more to this puppy. Its tone is quite tight and full of clarity. In fact, the guitar is playable straight out of the shipping box. It packs a decent punch in lows and trebles. If I had to describe it in one word it would be incredible.

Real Details

Quite frankly, this is a low priced guitar. That, however, does not mean it’s a cheapskate. It still qualifies as a high-end instrument owing to its well thought-out finish. Whether you're a pro or beginner, the 300ce has something to match your expectations. And beyond that, it’s improved playability is sure to stun.

The company behind it, Fender, has been in the industry for decades. That alone provides some reassurance for any doubting Thomas. It is also worth noting that this unit is protected by a limited warranty. This is in line with Fender’s global warranty policy which took effect early 2017. Having any queries? The team behind Fender is always at hand to respond. You can reach them either through their social media handles or online contact form. Queries raised about this product have so far been conclusively responded to. Of course, that’s a good sign.

The guitar is currently available on Amazon. It can be shipped within USA and to APO/FPO addresses. Deliveries are usually made in under 5 business days.

Things we like:

  • Has a rosewood bridge with a graph-tech nubone nut. One would have expected them to use some cheap plastic nut.
  • Laminate flame maple top, back and sides, which is a bit surprising given the price.
  • The guitar is electronics-rich thanks to its CE technology. This makes it easy to play either plugged in or unplugged.
  • It would be a great choice for beginner adults.
  • It allows you to enjoy playing without breaking the bank.
  • Has generally got a nice even tone that stays in tune.
  • It’s nice and easy to play both from a technical and physical stand point.
  • Great deal at its price range.

Things we don't like:

  • The electric tuners is a battery drainer. Plus getting a replacement battery is pretty expensive.
  • The neck may crack if not well taken care of. One should care for it.

User Opinions

“At its price, the T-Bucket 300ce guitar is too good. I was thinking of buying one for my friend who is a beginner. So I purchased one for myself to test its quality. I ended up keeping it and so I ordered a second one for him.” – A. C

“This is a great piece of art and sound. A perfect bet plus it works as an electric as well as acoustic guitar. It has a neat design and color. So happy with my purchase.” – Avinash Vyas

“Absolutely good value for money. It came out perfect right from the moment I unpacked it. Easy to tune.” – Vance

“My teen son has been a guitarist for 3 years and this was the first guitar I ever bought him. I don’t know much about it but he says it is awesome. He wants me to buy more of the strings it came with.” – Angie Perry

Final Thought

It's bad battery consumption habits notwithstanding, the Fender T-bucket is a top performer. You’ve got to love its great design also. Keeping in mind that this is low-priced guitar, you are sure to get good value for money with it. You may need to take it to your local guitarist for a proper setup, though. Otherwise, this is a good deal.

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