Fender FA100 Review (Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Bundle)

Looking for a good guitar to kick off your stellar music journey? Why not give Fender FA100 a try? After all, it has everything you would want to get started and comes at an unbeatable price. From laminated spruce-top to a rosewood fret-board, it deserves all the love in this world. With this package, you can be pretty sure to get a reliable instrument. Unlike most starter packs that often fall short of expectations, this instrument is sure to stun. More on how this machine fares in this Fender FA100 review.

Features of Fender FA100

With a dreadnought body shape, this guitar boasts a laminate spruce top. The construction is quite solid and can take a decent punch with frequent use. The back and the sides are made of laminated basswood. This means you get a decent sound quality that is more than enough if you’re a beginner. To protect it from scratches and any form of dents, its body features a glossy finish.

It features six Fender Dura-Tone strings made from nylon. They’re easy on finger-tips hence beginners should have a smooth learning experience. The neck is made of Agathis with a gloss finish and a C-shape profile. This makes it easy to play. It also boasts adjustable truss-rod accessible via the sound-hole for easy neck adjustments. You can complete the adjustments using the hex wrench included in the package.

The fingerboard is made from rosewood and topped with 20 frets giving you a warm rich and full tone. The bridge is rosewood with classic Fender design and compensated bone-saddle on top. It also comes with a set of solid die cast tuners featuring enclosed gears.

Target Group- Who Is the Average User of Fender FA100?

This guitar is best suited for beginners on a shoestring budget. Beginners will appreciate its intonation and its great play-ability. The tone is rich yet clear surpassing most acoustic guitars on the market. Serious players would most likely have some issues with the sound quality. It is lightweight and full size, which is good for teens with smaller bodies.

It also comes with various accessories to help you get started as a beginner. You don’t have to buy things like strap, picks, tuner, set of strings and gig case separately. You get them for free. It is also a perfect guitar to use on road trips or pull out at a party or a campfire. Just make sure you take good care of it. For finger-style players or musicians wielding a pick, Fender FA100 has you covered.

Its Main Benefits

The strings of Fender FA100 are built close to the fret-board. This ensures low action for beginners. Players can press the strings down the frets with ease and with optimal accuracy. It also makes it easy to maintain the tuning. Its neck is fairly thin thereby allowing a solid grip on the chords. Just below the sound-hole is famous and time tested quartersawn X-bracing system. The system helps in achieving great stability for a livelier and more open sound.

It also includes the basic add-ons for the beginner. The pack comes complete with a set of straps and a padded gig bag for easy maneuverability. It also boats strings, a digital tuner and picks of decent quality. To protect the top from swipes coming from the player’s pick, it is equipped with a ply-black pick-guard.

Real Details

Fender FA100 is an entry-level guitar with a low price tag. Taking its solid body and the extras included into consideration, this is the best bang for your buck. Also included in the package is a limited lifetime warranty by the manufacturer. This goes to show how Fender is confident about the quality and reliability of this guitar.

The manufacturer also offers great customer support. Whether it is warranty issues or other issues, their support team will help. When it comes to delivery, most users reported that it took them a week to get the guitar. This is after buying on Amazon. Shipping is also free.

Things we like:

  • Its dreadnought body-shape offers plenty of volumes.
  • Boasts great tuning stability.
  • Comes with two strap buttons on the forward and rear positions.
  • Offers great performance when the intonation and action are set properly.
  • It is a full-size guitar suitable even for young players.
  • Featuring solid built, the Fender FA100 can stand the test of time.
  • Comes ready to play right out of the box.
  • Has a sleek design that makes it look quite attractive.

Things we don’t like:

  • The strings being quite close to the fret-board can cause buzzing noises in some cases. This is if you press the strings too hard and they end up touching other frets.
  • Some people find the nylon strings to be of poor quality. This is common with players that are to used to steel-made strings. Their sound quality is not something to boast about. It is thus advisable to invest in better ones for much better tone quality.

User Opinions

“I know Fender for producing pricey guitars. So when I came across their FA100, I got surprised about its low price tag. I was hesitant to buy it fearing that Fender may have compromised on quality. The good news is, it’s solid with great finish and action.”- Brian Fitzgerald

“My 14-year-old son has been playing it for a few years and it is still fantastic. Sounds great and he loves it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a simple but solid guitar at a good price.”- Angela RZ

“The string buzzing was too much. I had to let the guitar get familiar with the humidity of my house before I could attempt a truss rod adjustment. Other than this, it is a great guitar for a basic user like myself.”-Amazon Customer

“I don’t know much about guitars. But I had an easy time changing the strings of this guitar. It is a beautiful guitar for the price. Even my roommate agree it was a great deal.”- Kitty Kitti

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Personal Verdict

For the price, The Fender FA100 is definitely a good quality guitar. With its quartersawn X-bracing and rosewood fret-board, you can expect plenty of projection. It is also easy to tune using the tuner included in the extras which make it self-recommending. It may not have the best sound quality but so what?- you get what you pay for. Just don’t expect too much because you might be disappointed. I would advise you to find a much better guitar that is also reasonably priced if you have the extra money. You could go for a mid-priced guitar.

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