Epiphone Wildkat Review – A Diamond In The Rough

Have you ever wished to own a guitar with an all-round vintage sound? One made by a manufacturer with a reputation for making high-quality guitars? You can never go wrong with the Epiphone Wildkat. It is one of Epiphone’s most respected vintage electric guitars. It delivers sustain-rich classic sound at a reasonable price. Coming in a very attractive antique natural color, it sure gets tons of compliments on looks. And that’s not all. This guitar has a pack of goodies just for you. Here is an honest and detailed Epiphone Wildkat Review of its features and benefits.

Key Features

Featuring a semi-hollow body, the Wildkat not only looks good but sounds great as well. It boasts a mahogany neck with a slim taper D-profile on a 24.75-inches scale. It is hand-fitted and glued-in for optimal tone and volume levels. The neck is solid and comfortable, offering you great grip and ease of play.

It has a mahogany body that boasts a flame maple top. This feature ensures you get tonal variety and full vintage sound. Its rosewood fingerboard has a Bigsby B70 Vibrato tailpiece for more sonic versatility.

The fingerboard includes 22-medium jumbo fret with pearloid dot inlays. This is to ensure you get a clear, pure tone. And when it comes to controls, the Epiphone Wildkat got you covered.

It’s equipped with single master volume, neck-volume, master-tone and bridge volume controls. The controls rely on Epiphone’s 1” 500K full-size potentiometers for reliability.

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It’s high quality 16:1 Grover machine provides superior tuning stability. On the top corner of the guitar’s body is an all metal switch and a heavy duty output jack. The switch gives you a choice of each pickup or a combination of both making playings effortless. Additionally, it has a Locktone Tune-o-Matic/StopBar bridge that is adjustable.

Target Group- Who Is It Meant For?

This stellar guitar is a great choice for all players. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced guitarist. It is

easy and comfortable to play with various tonal options to choose from. And for musicians on the hunt for something unique, the Wildkat is worth every single penny.

When it comes to choice of genres, the Wildkat is a diamond in the rough. From blues to jazz and several genres of rock, the guitar offers more natural sound quality. Coming in at a comfortable weight, it makes a good live show instrument for musicians all over the world. It is also ideal for studio-recordings or regular gigging instrument. It can take a good beating when needed.

The Main Benefits of Epiphone Wildkat

This guitar features two P- 90 Dogear single-coil pickups. The pickups achieve the all-round vintage sound that this guitar is well known for. They offer a wide range of tones great for pretty much any kind of style. You cannot beat it for those essential pre-sixties sounds and all genres of music. It’s small and arched top design makes it easy and comfortable to play.

Its semi-hollow design with smaller dimensions is also a major appeal to many. This is especially with players smaller in stature. The design is a great fit for them when it comes to the feel. It’s top notch Bigsby B70 vibrato ensures the guitar stays in tune while playing.

Real Details

Being mid-priced, it fits almost anyone’s budget. For its price, it sounds and feels more expensive. Built with attention to detail, it is sure to impress any guitarist or gigging musician. The manufacturer offers lifetime limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

Though they claim to offer 24/7/365 customer support, they take a while to respond. But with the quality of this guitar guaranteed, most likely you will never need any support. The delivery service of Epiphone is impressive. Depending on where you live, the guitar arrives within one or two days after making the payment. No shipping charges to worry about.

Things we like:

  • Pickups have been wired to individual volume knobs for extra convenience.
  • Although not the lightest of Epiphone’s guitars, it is easy to carry around.
  • Features high-quality finish making it scratch and dents resistant.
  • Its chrome hardware and classy binding ensures the greatest durability.
  • Pickups offer great projection, range and decent amount of sustain.
  • Great guitar for country jazz, or even rock.
  • Comes right out of the box ready to rock.
  • Beautiful design that is sure to catch the attention of every rockabilly fans out there.

Things we don’t like:

  • The angle of the strings is too steep. If not adjusted to the right level, you could be in for fret buzz which can be very irritating. You need to raise the strings high and reset the intonation.
  • Keeping the Bigsby B70 Vibrato in perfect tune can be a problem. It has a tendency to lose tune, especially with beginners. But with practice, it should be a thing of the past.

User Opinions

“The best guitar for the money. It sounds great and I could not find any workmanship flaws. If I had the need, I would buy it again and again. I’m very happy I settled for this. I can recommend it to anyone.”- Peppy

“I have always loved Epiphone’s guitars. So when I finally got the Epiphone Wildkat, I was not disappointed. I loved its high-quality build and great playability. Frets leveling was good as well as the intonation. But I did change the Tune-o-Matic bridge for a roller bridge. Otherwise, I’m very happy with the guitar.”- Walter V

“For all the semi-hollow body guitars I have come across, the Epiphone Wildkat is the best for the price. The guitar is beautiful with great tone. The nut on the output jack came loose but I was able to fix it. I have not had any issues with the guitar since then”- Robert Harper

“I have been using this guitar for a long time now for my regular gigging. I still love it as it looks as good as new. I don’t think I will be upgrading anytime soon.”- Aaron

The Verdict

Who said you have to spend a fortune to get the best guitar? The Epiphone Wildkat is as good as most expensive guitars or even much better. It is a unique in sound and visual design compared to its competition. Provided it is well taken care of, it will hold up for decades. So whether you’re looking to travel or perform live with your guitar, this guitar will not disappoint you. It is both stylish and versatile. Apart from the strings being steep, I have no complaints about this guitar. So in case you are on the fence about this guitar, don’t be. It is a worthwhile investment.

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