Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar Review

Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar – Ultimate Review

Have you always wanted to have a guitar that gives you the freedom to play what you want and produces crystal clear sound? If your answer is yes, then you now have the ability to get such a guitar. The Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar has been specially designed in a way that you can play it in a convenient manner. It is also easy to adjust so that you can be able to produce the exact sound you want.

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The makers of this guitar have also incorporated modern features which make playing this guitar enjoyable. When it comes to elegance the guitar has an attractive design which makes you look cool whenever you are playing. This Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar Review explains all the details about this particular guitar.

Features of Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar

The main specifications of this modern guitar include a 14 degree angled head-stock. This provides you with more enjoyment at the nut. In turn allows you to get increased sustain with reduced tuning hang-ups. This modern electric guitar also uses double vacuum waxing process. The double waxing is meant to enhance performance. Prior to the cover being closed the pickup is placed in the waxing system. It makes sure the wax penetrates right to the middle of the pickup. After the cover has been placed on a second waxing bath is provided until the entire system is entirely saturated with wax.

Another important feature of this electric guitar is that it comes with output jacks which feature heavy duty spring steel and an enhanced contact shape. The guitar also has a tumonic bridge. This allows full adjust ability. It makes re-stringing and tuning easier while at the same time allowing the string vibrations to be transferred directly to the guitar. Consequently it sustain and tone. The guitar uses one inch diameter potentiometer. This enhances the reliability of the guitar. Furthermore, there are quick connectors which further enhance reliability. The dimensions of the guitar are a scale of 24.75 inches, a nut width of 1.68 inches and the total weight is eleven pounds. On the neck the guitar is made of bolt and maple. The fret-board is made of rosewood. The body material is laminated alder or maple. The available finishes are Ebony and cherry.

Target Group

The average users of the Epiphone SG Special electric guitar are the experienced guitar players and also beginners. If you are experienced guitar player, you will have the understanding of how to tune the guitar so that it can produce the exact sound you want. In case you are a beginner the guitar is almost straight forward. The modern features of the guitar will be able to guide you until you learn how to play properly. Therefore, the guitar can be used by almost anyone including people who are new to guitars.

Main Benefits

One of the benefits of the guitar is that it is easy to tune. This is important especially because tuning is the most important aspect of any guitar.

Another important benefit is that when it is tuned it does not change without the player deciding to change. This is a problem with many guitars where they adjust them self without the player knowing therefore distorting the sound.

This eclectic guitar is also endowed with double waxing. This is important in ensuring that the sound produced is the right one and it does not have other noises.

Another benefit is that the guitar is made in a stylish way. It is available in ebony and cherry finishes therefore adding into its elegance.

The dimensions and weight of the guitar allows it to be held comfortably. It also ensures that a player can play for long hours without getting tired unnecessarily.

Real Details

This modern electric guitar is available at Amazon.com. It is amongst the most affordable guitars where its price is lower than most other similar guitars. Buyers can request for warranties from the manufacturers by just contacting customer care. Furthermore, the guitar is delivered within two days after ordering. But the duration might be longer depending on the location of the person ordering the guitar. After purchasing the guitar one can easily get three months lessons to learn how to play it properly.

Things we like:

  • Made using durable materials. These the materials used to make the wires therefore making it reliable.
  • The guitar has modern features which makes it easy to play.
  • The dimensions and size of the guitar makes it is amongst the most fitting guitars. It can be held easily by people of different sizes.
  • The stylish design makes it is amongst the most elegant guitars to ever be manufactured.
  • Its affordable price provide users with value for the money the spend.

Things we don't like:

  • The tone knob can at times become scratchy. But this depends on how well the guitar is maintained.
  • Tuning the guitar can be challenging for beginners. This is because the guitar require fine tuning to produce the right sounds.

User’s Opinions

Most of the people who have used the Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar are very pleased especially with its performance. These users include the experienced guitarists who have been using other guitars prior to buying this one. The users of this guitar are also pleased with the reasonable price of the guitar. In fact, majority of the users said that they expected the price to be much higher since the guitar comes with advanced features. 

Furthermore, the users also like that the guitar has a stylish look. This is because it makes it ideal to be used even in public places for it makes the users look elegant while playing. However, there are a few users who complained that the guitar is too sophisticated. This is because of the many modern features.

Final Words

I have used several guitars including this one and I can confidently say that it is worth buying. The modern features of the guitar are not available in many other guitars in the same range; this makes it unique. I play in a band and when I acquired this guitar I became the most prominent member of the band. This is because the guitar produces crystal clear sound. Tuning the guitar is simple and I do it effortlessly. Furthermore, I always enjoy carrying the guitar around. This is because it is light and relatively small compared to other guitars in the same range. However, getting replacement parts can at time be challenging for I am always looking for genuine parts. Therefore, this Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar review confirms that this guitar is one of the most affordable guitars that provide users with quality performance.

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