Epiphone Les Paul Standard Review – Why the Hype?

It’s impossible to talk about Epiphone’s guitars without mentioning their Les-Paul Standard. It has gained a compelling reputation as one of the most sought-after guitars in the world. From its maple veneer top to the solid mahogany body, you can never go wrong with the quality of this guitar. Quality workmanship and attention to detail make this minimalist instrument a true workhorse. And no matter what style of music you play, the Epiphone Les Paul Standard is good to go. If up to this point you have not yet made the decision whether to buy this guitar or not, we understand. To help you clear up your doubts, here is a detailed Epiphone Les Paul Standard review.

Some of its Key Features

The standard boasts a set of Alnico Classic humbuckers at the neck and bridge positions. The humbuckers deliver warm, clear and rich sound. They’re easy-to-control using the three-way toggle switch and four plastic amber control knobs. Its solid body features quality mahogany and complemented by a maple top. This ensures you get a classic tone and sustain that is only associated with a real Les Paul. It’s hardware boasts a set of die-cast tuners on one end and six adjustable saddles on the other.

Its solid Tune-O-Matic bridge StopBar holds the tuning and intonation rather well. Its fingerboard features rosewood material with trapezoid inlays. This complements its entire classic look. It also boasts a 14-degree headstock with Grover machine heads. The feature allows for accurate tuning and more sustain. It’s set-in mahogany neck and 22 medium jumbo frets further enhance this guitar’s tone. The neck has binding along the edge of the fingerboard to ensure there is no sharpness with the frets. You will appreciate the tonality and full-range sound of this guitar.

Target Group- Who is this Guitar for?

This is a must-have guitar if you have a flexible budget. It is one of the best guitars by Epiphone to start off your guitar learning experience. It is also a great option if you are not ready to throw a few bucks on a Gibson. Well known for its versatility, it is a great guitar for any musician to own. After all, it is well balanced and shines in all situations.

You will be happy recording, jamming, gigging or traveling with this guitar. It is also a great option for beginners aspiring to become seasoned-professional players. It will help them to fine tune their basic skills. And if you’re looking for an upgrade from a cheap beginner’s guitar to a classier one, this guitar is for you.

The Main Benefits of Epiphone Les Paul Standard

You might be wondering what is so special about this guitar. What is its main benefit? Well, it is its unplugged sound. It is quite resonant and almost piano-like. It’s humbucking pickups deliver a warm and broad clean sound. It has an incredible variety of tones that it can pull off thanks to its two pickups.

The guitar also comes with a set of tone and volume knobs to play with including a pickup selector switch.

The knobs feel solid and are easy to control and accurate. And if you thought that was all, this guitar utilizes 1″ potentiometers in diameter. This ensures reliability and durability of the guitar. Its toggle switches are all metal with rugged spring-steel contacts. This ensures optimal performance and reliability.

Real Details

This is a mid-priced guitar. It is thus for people who are willing to spend a little bit more to get a guitar with unmatched quality. Looking at its solid features, it is available at a price you’ll find to be much more affordable. This ensures you get value for money. You can buy the guitar directly on Amazon or via reputable Amazon affiliate websites.

One of the most sought-after features of this guitar is its limited lifetime warranty. It protects the user against all material defects. For your peace-of-mind, the famous world class Gibson customer-service has backed the warranty. The delivery is quite fast and customers can enjoy one-day free shipping.

Things we like:

  • Comes with an elevated pick-guard to protect its sleek body against scratches.
  • Boasts a wallet friendly price-tag compared to the original Gibson.
  • Its bridge ensures precise intonation and great sustain on each string.
  • The pickups boasts only quality parts. These include pole screws, ABS plastic bobbins, and the finest Alnico magnets.
  • It features a timeless and legendary design.
  • Easy to use and setup allowing you to catch-up very fast on your lessons.
  • It’s slim and ergonomic design usually fit in the arms and around the fingers with ease.
  • Double wax vacuuming system that ensures great pristine sound despite years of usage.

Things we don’t like:

  • This guitar comes with some unrevealed frets. You will need to level the frets to get started.
  • It needs some small adjustments to improve the feel further. This includes the bridge height and the truss rod. The string changing to be precise requires some fair amount of practice.

User Opinions

“I love this guitar. Though it feels a bit heavier, I love how it plays and sounds. It is fun to play so I did not find any reason to spend more money on a Gibson. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”- William Lund

“I have had to deal with few disappointments with every guitar I purchased. But when I bought the Epiphone Les Paul Standard, I was so happy. It is everything I was hoping it would be. My fingers are getting used to the steel strings though.”- Karen H.

“It is perfect for all levels of play. Unfortunately, its frets came a bit raised. I have to admit it was somehow disappointing since I didn’t feel like putting any work into it until later. Other than that, it is a great guitar.”- Todd Erick

“Amazing guitar for the price. You can actually feel it resonate through your entire body. But I had to buy a matching Epiphone case. So don’t wait. Order one soon and you will not regret.”- Anthony F

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Final Words

Wondering whether to invest in Epiphone Les Paul Standard? Legendary sound, great play-ability and a stunning look are what you get for only a few hundred bucks. Everything from its aesthetics and construction is enough to inspire you. The fingerboard is comfortable and the hardware seems very solid. But its body is reassuring heavy. Fortunately, users can handle the weight especially when seated for long periods.

Additionally, the Les Paul Standard has a glued-on mahogany-neck with a rosewood fingerboard. This creates an authentic appeal. I would thus recommend this guitar to everyone. But I hope Epiphone could still do something about the price. The price can be a bit on the higher end if you don’t have a few bucks left to spare.

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