Epiphone Les Paul 100 Review

Epiphone Les Paul 100 Review Electric Guitar (Best Price)

Almost all guitarists are familiar with Les Paul. Even though he was a very famous jazz guitarist and was popular for blues but, his heritage was made by his another best skill that is guitar making. Paul made his first guitar in the year 1940. And this led to Epiphone Les Paul 100 guitar.

This guitar is best for beginners and looks very expensive. The guitar is also a perfect buy product for intermediate people who are searching for a low priced LP. With a bolt on the neck and dual hum buckers, it has all the major features at an affordable price. It offers a great value for your money. Let us find out the features, benefits, pros, cons and customer feedback's in this Epiphone Les Paul 100 Review.

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Features of Epiphone LP-100:

  • 3-way selector switch.
  • Dual tone controls and dual volume controls.
  • Rosewood fret board and bolt on the neck makes it very easy to play.
  • Maple top with mahogany body gives the heavy and classic tone.
  • 24.75 inches length, 22 frets.
  • Chrome hardware and hum bucker pickups.

Lets discover all the benefits and features of the product in detail


Maintaining with the LP tradition this Epiphone LP 100 is made with a standard tune o matic bridge which comes along with a stop piece. Above the headstock, players will get a set of die cast machines which works pretty good. This guitar does not require intonation set ups and will not drop out of tune. Everything works great just like it is meant to. The hardware comes in chrome like one would need and provides the complete guitar a refined look. If we talk about aesthetics the LP 100 guitar would dominate its cost.

Neck and body

Proper Les Paul guitar has to stick to some standards. Epiphone knows this fact and so this is not at all surprising how they have made an affordable guitar using a good maple top and mahogany. The neck of the guitar is also from mahogany, which is joined to the guitar through the bolt. The guitar has a very nice fret board of rosewood which is quite basic however looks great and makes it look expensive.


When we talk about the sound you will get different subtleties from Epiphone LP 100 electric guitar which are worth mentioning. This guitar has the output and power to be utilized in different music however it also comes as refined. The hum backers can give you much more to work with if someone wants to play soft blues or something like that. Distortion is also handled perfectly.


Epiphone Les Paul 100 which is made with tune o matic bridge comes with a stop piece. Above the head stock you will get a die tuning machine which works quite good. The guitar does not require intonation setups and doesn’t drop out of tune. Hardware is offered in chrome as the

player would like and provides the guitar a refined look. Everything seems to work excellent just like anyone wants it to be.

Things we like:

  • Tapered heel neck with Nickel hardware
  • Hum bucker pickups
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Tune o matic piece

Things we don't like:

  • There are complaints regarding the balance of the guitar with the strap. 
  • The tuning system is not of top quality
  • First time user may find it a bit difficult to make tunes.
  • Cable, guitar stand, case and amplifies is to be purchased separately.
  • Short length may not be suitable for seasoned users.

Where to Buy?

You can buy this product from any web store however it is suggested that you order it from a reliable store. You can purchase the guitar from [easyazon_link identifier=”B01BSU6SRE” locale=”US” tag=”guitaristview-20″]Amazon[/easyazon_link] as it is said to be the most reliable online store. They will deliver you the product in 5-7 working days and so you don’t have to wait for too long to get your guitar. They ship it to your address for free. You get the 2-year complete warranty when you buy a new Epiphone Les Paul 100.

For any queries or issues, you can contact their customer support which is available to help you anytime. You can call them on their customer care number or even email your issues. The company stands by their customers, protects them and even gets their customers the best products in the world. Make sure you don’t end up buying the guitar from an auction site or other unreliable websites that sell guitars or else you will lose your money.

User Reviews

If you are looking to buy this guitar but you are still confused this customer reviews can help you. People who have bought this Epiphone LP 100 electric guitar are quite satisfied with the guitar. The guitar is said to be excellent for beginners and intermediate players. The guitar sounds amazing and is very easy to play. People reviewed that someone who is looking to buy a guitar should definitely consider this one. The guitar is very much affordable and is worth your money as it provides you with all the necessary features that guitar players may need. The guitar sounds amazing and is a great guitar at this price. People looking to buy Epiphone LP 100 can even check out complete true reviews on amazon.com for better understanding and knowledge.

Final Verdict

People say that the beginner guitar has to be very affordable and good enough for the user. But it is not true always. Buying Epiphone LP 100 is said to be an excellent choice as the guitar is more than competent of keeping up the player as they evolve their skills. Considering the price it is in the sweet place with regards to your money. Epiphone Les Paul 100 can be utilized to play any music like the rock, blues, metal etc. You can make a warm sound from the neck pickup as well as a bright sound from the bridge pick up. To get the desired tone you just have to turn the control and this is very easy.

Even though the guitar is not exactly like a Gibson but it sounds excellent for its price. It can sound even better if the player upgrades the pickups. Epiphone Les Paul 100 electric guitar with individual tone and volume controls shows the classic and traditional Les Paul tone and design at a very affordable package. The guitar is highly recommended.

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