Choosing a looper pedal for you is no longer difficult !

If you are a beginner and don’t know what is a looper pedal and what does a looper pedal use for. Don’t worry I will start from the beginning. In a simple word, a looper pedal is an electric device which is used for recording a piece of music and play them in a loop until you stop it.

looper pedal

Looper pedals are controlled by the guitarist’s kick. It is mostly used with an electric guitar. The controls of the pedal are varied from devices brand to brand. So, exploring different types of looper pedal, you might have confused which one is best for you. In this post, we don’t say that you have to buy this or that kind of looper pedal. But, we are going to introduce you to some best looper pedal and their use. Hope this will help you to choose the best looper pedal for you.


In this session, we will try to help you to choose the best looper pedal for you. But, the choice is yours. You can choose any type of looper pedal according to your choice. First, observe different types of looper pedal and their controls. Then, you can easily understand which looper pedal will be easy for you to control. But, you might still need some help and that’s why you are here. And our goal is to help you choose the best looper pedal for you. After finishing this session, we hope that you might set up your mind. So, let’s begin.

Fixed Your Budget

The first and the most important thing is to set your budget. You won’t be able to buy a pedal by existing your budget. When you will fix your budget, then the next task is to find the best looper pedal within your budget. Many great looper pedals you will get at a low price. So, don’t worry about that. When you will fix your budget, it will help you to shorten your choice. You can then choose from the available pedal in your budget.

Special Tips

Experts Suggestion

Find someone who is expert in looper pedal. It may be your friend who can help you to choose the right looper pedal for you. An expert may have experience of using different pedals. He can suggest you from his experience. Or you can also join the community in different social media. In there you might also get help. 

Some Top Ranked Looper Pedal

In this session, we are going to introduce you about some famous looper pedal. You will get to know about their functionality, their specialty and how comfort they are to use. 

TC Electronic Ditto Series

The Ditto Looper by TC Electronic is one of the best choice as a looper pedal. It is considered as a complete solution. This looper pedal is the best for lead or simple rhythm playing. It has multi-functioning single footswitch which is used for recording. The other awesome functions are overdub, stop, redo and undo button. Having these cool functionality, TC Electronic has one more attracting looper which is called the X2. It has the extra feature which is ‘FX’ footswitch. 

TC Electronic Ditto Series

With this footswitch user can assign half speed, reverse or stop with a flick of the switch. The most significant feature of this switch is being assign to half speed or reverse, you can alternate them by double tapping the switch. If you like to save your playing sound, you can do so with this awesome pedal. There is USB port in this pedal which can save your masterpiece. You can also download or upload your loops.

Special Tips

​​​​Line 6 DL4

​​​​​Line 6 DL4 pedal

It’s an early version of looper pedal. But, it has many fans as well. It has the features of a reverse, half speed and play once. Users can also find fun with its musical landscapes, experimental sounds and with its easy controlling. After this looper pedal many more advanced pedals are introduced. But, it’s still the favorite looper pedal for many users for its simple design and unique capabilities.

Special Tips

Digitech Jamman

It’s a first looping system which introduce onboard SD card for the first time to save loops. The updated version of this pedal is Jamman Stereo. Through this device user can looping vocals, multiple instruments and also download and upload different looped phrases. The great feature of this pedal is you can loop for maximum 35 minutes. Other amazing feature is it can auto record your loop without pressing the footswitch

digitech jamman looper

Special Tips

Electro-Harmonix 720

Electro-Harmonix 720

It’s a looping pedal similar to TC Electronic Ditto X2 in size. It has the feature of clear the loop. But it has one drawback. You can save your loop as it has no USB port or SD card for uploading or downloading the loop.

Special Tips

Boss RC 300

Enter your text here...This is best choice for the solo musicians. It has three separate stereo tracks. In each track there is a footswitch, onboard effects, an expression pedal, ¼” and XLR ins and outs. If you want to make a multi-track loop, then it may be the best choice.

boss rc300

Special Tips

Final Words

There are also some other loopers are available like Pigtronix Infinity Looper which you can explore. In the above, we try to cover some famous looper pedal with their special features. Hope it will help you to choose the best looper pedal for you. In a summary, you have to focus on the price, simplicity, flexibility, quality, and size of a looper pedal. Hope you find useful reading this article.

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