10 Best Electric Guitar for Small Hand 2020 – Ultimate Guide

It's a quite difficult question for all beginner guitarist's "How to choose the best electric guitar from the market?" We are here to provide you some tips and also some suggestions. Keep reading this post hope you will get your all question's answer. Also you'll get a proper buying suggestions form those product reviews to get the best.

There are two types of guitar. They include acoustic guitar and the electric guitar. Some people opt for the electric guitar while others choose the acoustic guitar. Electric guitars use pickups to change string vibrations into electric current. Effects like distortion and reverb might also alter the signal that comes from the electric guitar electronically.

The earliest electric guitars were simple hollow-bodied acoustic stringed instruments featuring tungsten steel pickups. The Hawaiian-style jazz musicians were the first to use the electric guitar. The others included western and country music players. By the year 1930, most popular jazz guitarists such as Charlie Christian were using electric guitars in the swing-era bands. Perhaps, Les Paul invented the original solid-bod electric guitar. Les Paul was also a music recorder.

Fender Esquire developed the first commercially successful electric guitar and started marketing it in the year 1950. The electric guitar has been an important part in development of most musical styles. The styles include the popular rock-ability, Chicago blues, rock and roll, modern gospel music, contemporary country music, and fusion. People use the instrument in many other music genres such as contemporary classical music and the New Age music.

Top 10 Best Electric Guitar Reviews For Beginner

The subcategories of electric guitars include electric slide guitars, electric bass guitars, and pedal steel guitars. Manufacturers have also extended the electric guitar technology to many other stringed instruments. An electric guitar is important in almost every music recording. The top 10 electric guitars include:

1. Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar

The overall finish, construction and the general artisan-ship of Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar are top-notch. The guitar features a parchment pick-guard, maple fret-board, control knobs and the 1970's style logo.

Some of the main features include:

Modern C-shaped neck profile that features smoother satin back finish and comfortable maple fingerboard. Three classical standard single-coil starts Pickups and a five-way selector. Vintage-style tremolo bridge with a groovy whammy bar. Maple or rosewood fret-board, vintage tremolo, Alder body and die-cast tuning keys. Chrome hardware and three-ply pick-guard for vintage appeal 21-fret maple neck and 3-single coil pickups. The pickups on the guitar are modern sounding. They produce a sound similar to that of the American Strats. The only difference is that the American Strats is brighter and crystalline.


  • You can make sounds form behind its bridge.
  • It produces a unique sound.
  • It features a resonant body and sounds wonderful acoustically.
  • It is comfortable and you can therefore move with it to any place.
  • The switches provide many options allowing for custom modes.
  • The 24” scale allows playing of barre, inverted and extended chords.
  • It looks stunningly beautiful.
  • It has a great built-in kill switch.


  • It is not very firm.
  • Some user want to modify it but failed, for proper manual.

2. Epiphone Les Paul Special – II Electric Guitar

Even though most guitarists think that a Les Paul is a classical late 1950's version, the Epiphone produces gorgeous tones and is appealing to the eye. The guitar will bring the great deal of the famous Gibson performance and still keep it below the sensitive $500 price tag.

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The guitar produces a warm and deep sound. In other words, you can use it in playing almost any style of music such as metal or blues with confidence. It is among the best blues guitars. The price should not scare you.


  • The guitar is comfortable to play.
  • It produces a sharp and bright sound even though you can also choose the nice bass tones.
  • It allows exploration of the fun circuits.
  • It has a great neck.


  • You might find its extra circuits redundant.
  • The shorter scale might get annoying. However, that is a personal preference.

3. Full-Size Black Electric Guitar with Accessories Pack

With the Full-Size Black Electric Guitar, you can easily do everything that a guitarist does with the top-notch electric guitars. While most beginner packages have inferior qualities, the full-size black electric guitar and the accessories combo strive to deliver a full bang for your money. That is the main reason why

The manufacturer included chrome bridge system, die-cast tuners and to enhance the intonation and the play-ability of the guitar. What’s more, the manufacturer has equipped the practice amp with headphones jack. You will therefore enjoy noise-free practice sessions at home. If you need cool distortions select the overdrive mode.

People who love heavier rock tones might need to begin with a full size guitar. With combinations of humbucker pickups and single-coil and complex toggle options, the Black Electric Guitar is straight and simple. You will definitely love it.


  • It is very cheap considering that you will get a full sized guitar, a decent practice amp, a cable, gig bag, strap and picks.
  • It has simplistic controls and basic design suitable for beginners. It will help grasp your lessons in lesser time.
  • The full size guitar is very light. Learners of all age groups can manage it.
  • The presence of single Humbucker Pickup and the no pickup toggle switch allows easing of the play-ability quotient.
  • The is lightweight and portable.


  • After raising the volume, the amplifier emanates a buzzing noise that can diminish the whole experience.
  • The beginner pack is suitable for novices and you cannot upgrade it.
  • The string tension is on the higher side. That affects play-ability.
  • The manufacturer has not firmly fastened the Guitar Strap Holders.

4. Squier - Fender Affinity Telecaster Beginner Electric Guitar

Fender Telecaster has stood out as an iconic electric guitar model for many years. Keith Richards of The Rolling Stone, Late Beatles guitarist George Harrison and Bruce Springstene are the designers of the guitar. Even at a lower price, the six-stringed instrument features many crucial features.


It utilizes a lumpy maple neck boasting a 9.5-inch wood fingerboard. The fingerboard consists of 21 Jumbo frets ideal for jamming out the mean power chords. It features a slimmer alder body with a polish polyurethane finish. It boasts a six-saddle top-load bridge. 

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It has chrome die-cast tuners. In its electronic department, the electric guitar boasts a standard volume control knob, single coil pick-ups, tone knobs and 3-positioned pickup selector switch for better tonal adjustments. Speaking of the appearance, the guitar has a flat body with minimal curves, a small head-stock and more chunkiness. Its pick-guard shape, the bridge pick-up segment and its control knobs section are appealing to the eye.

The Fender Affinity produces a top-notch sound. Even though it is a budget-friendly alternative. The manufacturer managed to show his great skills by stripping down pricey components without affecting the sound. The six-string instrument has a bright rich sound. It is suitable for rock and roll music producers.

The guitar features several signature Tele components associated with the more expensive guitar models. It also comes with Fender quality standards and the certificates associated with the more expensive gear.


  • The guitar is durable and can easily take a punch.
  • It is affordable and provides amazing performance.
  • It uses several Tele components you expect on the expensive instruments.


  • It is not suitable for experienced guitarists.

5. Squier By Fender “Mini” Strat Beginner Electric Guitar

The Squier Mini electric guitar is good for beginners. It features 22.7 inches string scale length and 20 frets. That alone makes it perfect for smaller hands. The 3-single coil Stratocaster pickups, tone and volume controls, hard-tail bridge and rosewood fret board provide it with similar attributes to those of the Fender Stratocaster (a bigger iconic sibling).

What’s more, with several string gauges through the adjustable truss rod and the adjustable chrome fixed to the bridge. You will enjoy maximum play-ability. Use the one tone control, three single coils pickups, the master volume and the five-way pick up selector switch to explore the available tones. Which range from cutting treble sounds to rich bass.

Play chords comfortably and bend the strings easily form the C-shaped satin finished neck. The guitar also features a 9.5 fingerboard radius and 20 medium jumbo frets. The Squier Mini is a wonderful travel companion.


  • The squier Mini is suitable for beginners and travelers.
  • With the C-shaped neck, you will play chords easily.
  • It allows exploration of various tones.
  • The 22.75 inches string scale, the downsized body and the small neck profile make the guitar an ideal choice for the youth.
  • You will also love the color.


  • It does not come with chords.

6. Epiphone WILDKAT Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar with Bigsby Tremelo, Natural

The Electric Guitar features a beautiful mahogany body and a maple top. It also boasts a taper D profile mahogany neck on the 24.75” scale and a 22 medium jumbo fret fingerboard that features pearloid dot inlays. The locktone Tune-o-matic/StopBar bridge and the nice Bigsby B70 Vibrato tailpiece adds to the wonderful features.

The manufacturer supplies the electric guitar with two Epiphone designed P-90 Classic Pickups. He also includes control configuration of 1 bridge volume, 1 neck volume, 1 master volume and 1 master tone. The guitar also features fine nickel hardware and 16:1 Grover machine heads.

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At 7.8 pounds, the guitar is not light. It weighs as much as the Epiphone Dot but not as much as Epiphone Casino. The guitar is easy to carry around and is durable. It is available in a unique antique natural color.

Speaking about the sound, Epiphone WildKat produces a great tonal variety and a full vintage sound thanks to the mahogany body, the P-90 Classic Pickups and the maple top. People associate the guitar with nice sustains courtesy to its Bigsby B70 Vibrato tailpiece. The P-90 Classic Picks and the controls contribute in production of nice tonal variety.

Overall, the Epiphone WildKat is a wonderful electric guitar that produces quality sound. It is also comfortable to play. You might need to make it your guitar of choice.


  • The electric guitar is durable
  • The guitar is solid and can take a beat when need arises.
  • It is suitable for studio recording and regular gigging.
  • It is resistant to dents and scratches.
  • It is easier to carry around.


  • It is little expensive.

7. Epiphone- Paul Standard Plus-Top Pro Electric Guitar with Coil-Tapping, Honey Burst

People use the Les Paul Standard as a standard guitar when judging the others. Its name refers to beautiful AAA flame Maple veneer top. The electric guitar is available in many colors but the Trans Black color is the most eye-catching. It brings about a “silver burst” vibe along with beautiful flamed maple.

The electric guitar features a mahogany body and neck but the fret board is Rosewood. It has 22 Medium Jumbo trapezoid frets. The manufacturer has finished the neck and the body in 1-ply binding.However, gold control knobs appear to be out of place against the other parts while the floating pick guard is somewhat roughly cut.

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In other words, the gold sticks out in a weird manner. That is not a big issue. The inlays routing is augmented and rough but to spot that you need to look closely. The pickups are a special set of Epiphany Producers. The guitar features a Producer 2 on the neck position and the Producer 3 on the bridge. The pickups are similar to Gibson PAFs but have four-conductor wiring hooked up to the coil splits on the guitar’s volume pots. The guitar feels lie a Les Paul.


  • It is a little lighter than the back-hurting heavy Les Paul weight.
  • The tone is a balance of power and clarity.
  • The pickups are bright and articulate. They are not brittle.
  • The bridge pickup is chunky and it is not brittle.
  • The guitar responds perfectly to changes in tone control setting and volume.


  • The push-pull pots are tricky to operate. That because the guitar lacks grip on its knobs.

8. 39 Inch Blue Electric Guitar & Carrying Case & Accessories

If you are in need of a great starter guitar, the 39” Blue Electric guitar should be your first choice. For a hundred bucks it is not a very bad deal. It has a pristine finish, a beautiful body and a gorgeous neck. Its maple veneer fingerboard is also lovely. Because it is a 1/16” veneer, the surface holds properly.

After your purchase, you will not have trouble in the set up process. And considering that the guitar has a single humbucker at its bridge, and the manufacturer has produced it is intended to produce high-tone – the younger generation hard-rock – the guitar sounds great.

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If you have a trained ear or you need jazz tones/mellow blues, you should not go for the instrument.It has touchy tuners, which tend to hold after tuning. After purchasing the electric guitar, you should expect many professional features. It is a great starter guitar.


  • You can make sounds from behind your guitar’s bridge. That makes the guitar very fun to play.
  • It produces very unique sounds that your audience will enjoy.
  • It has a resonant body, sounds great and it is comfortable.
  • The available switches provide many options tone wise and allows customization.
  • The 24” scale allows playing of inverted, extended and bare chords.


  • The guitar is somewhat heavy.
  • The scale makes it hard to achieve accuracy in the higher frets.
  • The controls are on the standard.

9. Yamaha Pacifia PAC611VFM DRB Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Dark Red Burst

The term “Pacifia” possibly reminds you about the sun, the ocean or the beach. That is particularly if you like sailing or fishing. However, Yamaha Pacifia PAC611VFM DRB Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Dark Red Burst is among the quality electric guitars in the market. The music tool from Yamaha Guitar Development Hollywood has been in the market since the year 1990.

The electric guitar comes inside a beautiful cardboard gigbag with the word “Yamaha” printed on it. As a warning, the biodegradable protection bag will wear out with the first few showers. The electric guitar comes inside a beautiful cardboard gigbag with the word “Yamaha” printed on it.

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As a warning, the biodegradable protection bag will wear out with the first few showers. The next thing you will notice is the nice “Root Bear” finish on the guitar.

The translucent vanish allows the user to see the flamed wood top set on the alder tree body. On the bolt-on maple neck, the guitar features a lustrous honey finish. Its matching headstock adds a vintage feel to the electric guitar.

The other important feature you will identify at the first sight is the rosewood fingerboard. The beautiful fingerboard has 22 frets and 335mm radius. Yamaha Pacifia PAC611VFM DRB has a tortoise pickguard that corresponds with the coloring of the electric guitar. Actually, the guitar has a great appearance. You will display it in every event. The other important feature you will identify at the first sight is the rosewood fingerboard. The beautiful fingerboard has 22 frets and 335mm radius. Yamaha Pacifia PAC611VFM DRB has a tortoise pickguard that corresponds with the coloring of the electric guitar. Actually, the guitar has a great appearance. You will display it in every event.


  • It has a beautiful finish.
  • The Teflon nut and Grover tuners ensure reliable tuning stability and the durability of strings.
  • It features S.D Custom 5 Pickup for better sound and less distortion.
  • The guitar produces a warm sound.


  • It is little expensive.
  • The bag will only last for a few days.

10. Gibson 2017 Les Paul Faded T Electric Guitar

Gibson 2017 also used higher quality maple to construct the neck and the body. That alone makes the guitar different form the “budget guitars” that feature soft basswood. If you want people to love your guitar playing, you have to purchase a guitar that features a solid body.

The manufacturer also employed glossy finish to reduce the chances of fingerprints or smudges appearance on the guitar. Improper handling may scratch the finish. The intonation is fantastic and Humbucker and scale pickups will help you transcend far and near. Whether you are up for casual jamming or you are starting a Rock Band, the electric guitar will harness the depths of your creativity easily.

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  • The special Nitro Finish looks attractive and feels satin-smooth. It enhances play-ability.
  • Its Guitar Electronics are on the Gibson Quick Connect System.
  • The advanced 5-Pin Fitting allows easier upgrade.
  • The Front Panel Jack allows faster connection with the L-connector Cable. The simple controls add to the user-friendly experience.
  • The smooth tuners, higher ratio and unfettered Pick-guard allow for more convenient electronics attachment.
  • It is available in six different colors.
  • Comes with a lovely gig bag.


  • It is little expensive.
  • You need a Cable and Amplifier.
  • The thin neck is not comfortable.
  • The glossy finish is delicate and prone to scratches.

You Have To Know More Things Before Buying The Best Electric Guitar As a Beginner

From the pop culture standpoint, one can easily conclude that electric guitars are an important invention of the twentieth century. More than many other musical instruments, it can define the character and tone of Rock n' Roll music. But few realized its true potential when it first came into existence sometime during the 1930's. It took a considerable time for the electric guitar to claim its well-deserved place.

Let's Know About How Electric Guitar Works?

The amp and the guitar work in a combination, producing amazing varieties of music and sounds. Just like an acoustic guitar, electric guitars also have 6 strings, tuning pegs to tune the strings, a long neck, and frets. But when you go down the body, you will discover the big and major differences. Some of them have a semi-hollow or hollow body similar to an acoustic guitar but the majority of them have a solid body. The beautiful sound is actually produced by the magnetic pickups & is controlled by the different knobs. If the electric guitar is not plugged in then the plucking will not create any sound and will be barely audible. Without the hollow body and soundboard, there will be nothing that will amplify the vibrations of the strings.

Benefits Of Using an Electric Guitar

Owning a guitar is a great feeling and excitement in itself. You will find mainly two kinds to choose from. But the one big decision that one has to make while buying one is whether the guitar should be an acoustic or an electric. While an acoustic guitar has its many benefits, an electric guitar may prove to be the better option for the following features.

Volume Control:

Mastering a guitar clearly needs a considerable amount of patience and time. But practicing to play at home or in public can disturb others. With the electric guitars, you will have the option of turning down the volume to avoid bothering others. You can also turn the amplifier off completely. However, the guitar will not sound the way you want it to but you can practice chords, hand movements, and finger movements nevertheless. Additionally, you can enjoy its unique sound as it blares through by turning up the volume. This helps a lot in creating impromptu shows for audiences.

Easier to Learn:

As compared to the acoustic guitars, the electric guitar's chords are thinner, which makes them easier to pluck and push down. The neck of an electric guitar is also thinner and that will help you to wrap your hand around its neck. This will further help in better plucking and fingering as well. The overall setup of an electric guitar is also believed by musicians to be more easy and user-friendly than the acoustic guitars.

The Quality of Sound:

Both electric guitars and acoustic guitars have a different and unique sound. The musician will decide which sound he/she would like better. However, an electric guitar tends to sound with more crisper and clearer quality than the electric acoustic guitars. Owing to technology, the electric guitars can effortlessly deliver clear and loud sound. Even a string's slightest and light pluck emanates through an amplifier and creates a beautiful sound. You can get clear and crisp sound from the acoustic guitar. But the harder and thicker strings sometimes make maintaining a high quality of sounds a bit difficult and challenging.


It’s not a very difficult task to spot the basic difference between acoustic guitars and electric guitars. They certainly have very distinct or different styles. However, electric guitars seem to come with more variety of designs and looks. Acoustic guitar, on the other hand, usually come in limited colors and styles. You will find the acoustic guitars look similar for their same and familiar color of wooden tan. The electric guitars are often considered as the stylish one and have a separate personality. You will find musicians showing off incredibly and uniquely stylish electric guitars in concerts.

How to choose the best electric guitar in the market?

Choosing the best electric guitar available in the market requires a certain level of research and expertise. You can also consider reading the best electric guitar review. The first and foremost thing that you should consider while buying an electric guitar is its sound and size. If you are a beginner, it is advised that you find yourself an electric guitar that requires minimum tuning and fits easily in your hands.

However, you should consider other factors too such as tone quality, body style, and weight. For someone who is relatively older with electric guitars, the options will be different. They will have all the basic requirements in mind and the possible factor for them will be the price. One should remember that an electric guitar will need a cable and an amplifier. There are also additional accessories that should be bought with an electric guitar such as a case, a stand, extra picks, extra strings, a strap, and a tuner. There are guitars that are relatively cheaper. However, you need to understand the pros and cons before going for cheaper ones.

How do I set up an electric guitar?

In order to get the most out of an electric guitar, you will have to set it up properly first. You will first have to gather and keep all the necessary tools handy before you start setting up the guitar. The set of tools, such as hex keys is very important and specific to the guitar. You should also keep one digital tuner nearby for the adjustment of the intonation. First, you will have to remove all the old strings and then start installing the new set.

Older strings can result in an improper or inaccurate setup. Then you will need to inspect its grooves and start cleaning the nut. Some alcohol with cotton or printing paper will get the job done. However, try not to spill or drop any alcohol on the guitar's fingerboard and other parts. Once you are done with cleaning the nut, you should restring it again. Use strings of good quality and brand. Once you have successfully installed the new strings, tune it accurately. The final step is the adjustment of the neck of the guitar. Remember, you should adjust the neck according to your playing style.

Differences between Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Mainly it is the style that differentiates the acoustic and electric guitar primarily. An acoustic guitar is mainly associated with the mellow kind of music such as country or folk. Electric guitars, on the other hand, are basically used for rock and metal music. The acoustic guitars are also cheaper compared to electric guitars. But there are other factors as well that differentiate an electric guitar from an acoustic guitar. The following are some important differences between acoustic guitars and electric guitars.


An important difference between electric guitars and acoustic guitars is amplification. An electric guitar needs one amplifier. However, they are very easy to play. An electric guitar will be more expensive because one has to buy an amp too, and a good amp is quite costly. The acoustic guitars come in limited sizes and shapes because both size and shape make a big difference in the actual sound. Which comes out from an acoustic guitar. You will certainly get more options or selections when you will go for an electric guitar.

Knobs, Strings, and Body:

Acoustic guitars are hollow, with one round hole and six steel strings. The acoustic guitars also have gauge strings that are quite heavier that create more sound. The vibrations of the strings in an acoustic guitar are also larger. The electric guitars, on the other hand, have thinner strings. Because of the thinner strings, the electric guitars have smaller body and thinner neck.


Both electric and acoustic guitars must be kept at a suitable temperature and away from cold & moisture, and extreme heat. They should also be kept at a distance from sharp objects and cleaning solutions, which could dent or scratch it. Both electric and acoustic guitars need regular tuning as well. An acoustic guitar benefits from the guitar humidifiers that go between its strings & prevent its wood from extreme dryness. However, the maintenance of electric guitars includes regular adjustments of the pickups using a screwdriver & taking care and maintaining the amp.

What to check when buying a new electric guitar?

Purchasing an electric guitar can prove to be quite a challenge. It is not always about knowing the type of guitar that determines the perfect one for you. There are other factors as well, like the price and the quality. Things are sometimes made easy for the beginners. There is always expert opinions and online recommendations to help. Moreover, there are popular names and brands that guarantee a certain assurance. But there are few significant factors that always play a vital role. The following are some of those significant key factors that you should consider while purchasing an electric guitar.

The Tone:

Check the guitar's body first as that will give you a basic idea. Mainly there are few options available to choose from such as hollow-body or solid body, and swamp ash or alder wood. These things will affect the guitar's tone. Breaking down further, the various materials and designs will help you get a clearer idea. For instance, you can expect a brighter and cleaner tone from the woods that are of lower costs such as alder and basswood. Expensive woods like mahogany will again give a warmer and richer tone. The second significant distinction is between the hollow or semi-hollow and solid body. Hollow guitars will give a bell-like tone.

The Feel:

If the electric guitar is going to be your main guitar then the feel is definitely an important factor. The electric guitar that you will use to jam, practice, record, and perform should have a good feel. Things that you should consider are the shape and size of the guitar's body, along with the fret-board radius and the neck's thickness. Make sure that you visit some stores and try some electric guitars before zeroing in on one guitar.

The Look:

The last thing that you should consider while buying an electric guitar is its looks. Looking cool and all good is a vital part of playing guitar to a crowd or a room filled audience. Draw inspirations from your favorite rock stars and decide the kind of look that you want to have. You can look yourself in the mirror with the guitar in your hand or ask your friend. You should figure out the right look that will work for you and your taste because that is something only you can.

Buying Guide for Best Electric Guitar

Before buying an electric guitar it is important to understand the style, for instance, lead or rhythm. Aside from different musical styles and shapes, there are some other considerations as well that should be pondered as well. But basically, the purpose often becomes the deciding factor. With different types and their pros & cons, purchasing an ideal electric guitar becomes crucial. Going through the best electric guitar review may also help. The following factors will be your guide for choosing the best electric guitar.

Body Style:

Every guitar has its own style, just like you. Select an electric guitar, which is just perfect for you and your kind of music. The most common types are the solid-body electric guitar. Semi-solid or semi-hollow electric guitars, on the other hand, have a darker and rounder sound. They come with a solid wood center with a relatively large chamber on each side and have sound holes just above them. If you are a jazz guitarist then the hollow-body guitar will be an obvious choice for you because they are large and can be played without an amplifier.


The wood type has influences on the tone, even in electric guitars. The most common hardwoods that are used are ash, alder, maple, mahogany, basswood, and rosewood. In many cases, these woods are combined and used in order to create different and unique sounds.


The ideal necks are rigid, straight, and tight in order to ensure consistency. The most common necks in electric guitars are the bolt-on necks. The bolt-on necks can easily be repaired and set. The set necks are expensive comparatively, to repair and buy but the solid attachment guarantees stability. You will find one truss rod within its neck. The truss rod is actually a metal rod that is used in reinforcing the neck. There are different kinds of necks as well such as thin, wide-thin, C-shaped etc. You should choose the one that fits comfortably in your hand.

Quality and Cost:

Purchase the highest-quality guitar according to your affordability. However, you can find quality products at a reasonable rate if you have the patience to survey the market. But if you are not being able to afford the guitar that sounds and feels best. You should consider saving for a longer time to purchase one that can be used for many years.

Final Remarks

At the end of the day, you will want to buy the best electric guitar for you while being within the budget. There is a big difference between cheap and affordable, so you should do a proper research before purchasing a guitar that may have no value to offer. As always recommended by experts it is always good to understand the need and purpose first. Understand the kind of music you like and what kind you want to play. It is also important that you find a solid platform to learn and practice on. Looks are very important as well. The perfect guitar in perfect color could definitely make the difference. Choose your guitar wisely because learning chords don't take much time but to master the instrument, you may need a lifetime.

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