10 Best Battery Powered Guitar Amp 2020: Unbiased Insights

10 Best Battery Powered Guitar Amp 2020: Unbiased Insights

What will make your time more enjoyable? Is it a barbecue? A get-together? The ambiance? Or the music freedom? Most people admit that good music is relaxing and affects your general mood. There are numerous gadgets in the industry that output sound. For example, microphones, speakers, amplifiers plus more. If you want to know about amps, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will focus on the best battery powered guitar amp currently in the market. Also, we will look closely at the features and what factors to consider when purchasing a guitar amp. Read through to find an in-depth guide.

Top Picks Battery Powered Guitar Amps: Quick Comparison List

Music makes the world a more enjoyable place. Especially for people who love enjoying soothing tones at the comfort at their home. Some gadgets allow you to do this comfortably. A battery powered guitar amp will take your music to the next level. For a newbie guitarist or a professional, we have the top 10 guitar amps currently in the market. They are as follows:

The Best Battery Powered Guitar Amps – Review

1. Marshall MS2 Micro Guitar Amplifier

The above guitar amp is small in proportion to increase simple portability. Also, you can easily lift, move and clean without assistance. The small size uses minimal space during storage. A kid can efficiently operate it because of its simple mechanism.

1 watt Power Consumption

With only a 1-watt power use, you have a guarantee of efficient power use and decent sound output. The sound and tonal variations are clear enough and soothing to your ears.

Volume & tone control

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Marshall amp features a volume and tone control to allow you to control the sound level easily. You can choose from low, medium up to high with zero effort. Besides, you can set it to a tone that fits your preference without the need of purchasing spare parts.

Headphone Jack

The above amp has an inbuilt headphone jack to add to the user experience. The jack is regular in size thus makes it compatible with most headphones. Not only does it give you silence entertainment, but also, avoids disturbing others in the room.

Simple to use

The construction allows a simple and straightforward use. All the knobs and parts are easy to operate. There is also an instruction booklet to give you more information on how to use your unit.


  • Sleek design
  • Compact
  • Perfect for practice
  • Portable


  • Not ideal for professional use
  • Pricey

2. Danelectro Honeytone N-10 Guitar Mini Amp

Danelectro boasts of advanced design with a belt clip. With this clip, you can easily clip it on your belt as you move around. It offers a hands-free and safe experience as you do other tasks. Furthermore, it is ideal for children to listen to music tracks without losing the entire music accessory.

Beautiful Leather Handle

What makes the above amp standout from the rest is the leather handle. Not only is it soft on the hands, but also easy to operate. You do not require much effort to lift your unit and move it around. It makes your amp fully portable. The handle adds extra beauty to the overall, design.

Headphone Jack

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The music accessory above has an inbuilt headphone jack. The jack assures a peaceful music session or practice without disturbing other people around. Also, you can listen to music tracks all in your smartphone.

3 Control Knobs 

The control dials are easy to operate. You can choose settings for volume, tone or overdrive. The dials add more convenience to your music experience. Other units only have a single knob for controlling everything, thus makes Danelectro a great unit.


  • Value for money
  • Decent sound output
  • Battery or AC powered, runs on a 9V battery


  • Exclusive of an AC adapter 

3. Boss Katana-Mini Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier

The aux input is ideal for external gadgets like a smartphone. You can listen to your fave music list at your convenience. Also, you can hear at online videos comfortably.

3 Amp Types

Having different amp types to choose from is a plus. Some units in the market have only a single option. With this advanced amp, you get to choose from Crunch, Clean or Brown amp. Each has its unique functionality to ensure you have a great music action.

Uses 6 AA Batteries

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For the unit above to function well, it requires 6 AA batteries. You can enjoy endless music entertainment without any disruptions. The mechanism ensures the cells do not drain at a fast rate.

Great Design

The construction of the above amp is sturdy enough. You can use it frequently even in extreme situations but still holds up. The outer case is aesthetically appealing and easily blends well with its surroundings. Besides, it can act as a nice gift to your loved ones.


The music accessory has a lightweight feature for easy portability. You can effortlessly move it around and store. Also, it fits perfectly in limited spacings thus uses minimum space.


  • Simple to use
  • Easy mobility
  • Quality sound


  • Clean amp distorts sound a bit

4. Line 6’ Micro Spider’ 6-Watt Battery-Powered’ Guitar Amplifier

Having 36 amazing programmable presets, you have a wide array of options. The advantage of having so many presets, is you get what you want and is more convenient. The prests add to your user experience.

12 Inches Celestion Speaker

Also, the 12-inch speaker is made beautifully. It can output a powerful sound with the separate guitar and microphone amps. All the previous worries of low-quality sound are long gone with the use of Micro Spider amp.

Inbuilt Tuner

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Micro Spider Amp features an inbuilt tuner that is solid in construction. The tuner assists you to set the tonal variation you want accurately. If you prefer a crisp, bass or clean sound, you quickly set it without additional parts.

Removable Handle

Most amplifiers have handles which are in a permanent position. With the above item, it comprises of a removable handle. Not only is it great to enhance portability but also aesthetically appealing. You can carry your unit using the handle that is comfortable on the hands.


  • The main speaker outputs decent sound
  • Low price for amazing versatility
  • Separate guitar and microphone amps
  • Mp3 input


  • Produces a hissing sound when using Rec out/Headphone jack
  • Minimal manual

5. Blackstar IDCORE 10 Stereo Combo Amplifier, 10W

The ISF knob uses the current style to help you switch easily between UK and US amp sounds. The shape looks good on the eye and is unique, unlike other amp units. The variations of the two significant sounds give you more collection to choose from.

12 Stereo Effects

 Blackstar amp features 12 fantastic stereo effects including modulating, delay and also the reverb. The delay effects can add an edgy feel to your sound and make it more appealing. You can comfortably and easily control the depth, speed, chorus plus more by choosing a specific effect.

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6-Classic Channel Options

Also, it comes with 6-Channel options for you to pick your preferred voice. The channel together with an integrated line gate filter, help to filter noise control. You get distortion-free sound and a fantastic experience.

1/8″ Headphone Port

The above item has 1/8 inch headphone which is the standard size. Most devices like mp3 player and smartphones are compatible with this amplifier. The port is easy to use with zero malfunctions. You can plug in your device and start your music experience.


  • straight forward distinct signal chain
  • versatile amp and tone selection
  • In-expensive 
  • All volume levels sound good


  • Effects disappear after turning off the amp

6. Sawtooth ST-AMP-10-KIT-1 10-Watt Electric Guitar Amp With Pro Series Cable and Pick Sampler

Saw tooth sampler prides on having a 10-foot cable. Some amplifiers sell this part separately. You get value for your money and smooth operation. The length of this cable is ideal for a person moving around.

Rubbery Knobs and Handle

The dials and knobs are made of rubber-like material. They are easy to rotate and also comfortable on the hands. You can use these two parts for an extended period with a guarantee of zero scraping. The handle gives you smooth and straightforward portability with zero assistanceWith this type of material, it offers long-lasting service as compared to other materials.

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Impressive Finish

The manufacturer of this amp put many details in the overall look. Some devices have great features but lack a polish appearance.

The unit above has an impressive finish which is sturdy enough even for frequent use. Also, it can be a nice gift to your loved ones and blends well with the most interior decor. You can place it anywhere without messing up the interior design.


  • Plug and play for simple use
  • Inclusive of a cord
  • Crystal clear sound


  • Not ideal for professional sound like a band
  • The volume between 1-2 minimum difference

7. Fender Mini ’65 Twin-Amp – Electric Guitar Amp

The amplifier above has a 1-year warranty. You can use it with the peace of mind. In case any malfunctions take place within the warranty period, you get a replacement or refund. An item that has a warranty is safer than one without one.

1/4″ Headphone Jack

Fender amp features a 1/4-inch headphone jack. With this jack, you can easily listen to your music with zero disruptions. Also, individuals in the room will have a peaceful action. The presence of a headphone port allows silence practice and supports your music skills.

Amazing Craftsmanship

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The above music accessory has a robust exterior build. You can put/place it on a counter-top and instantly beautifies the room’s design. Also, having a solid body, it can withstand extreme actions. You can comfortably use it for an extended period getting the same high-quality service.

Ideal for Electric Guitar

The above amp is ideal for an electric guitar. The features and specs are compatible with this type of guitar. They work together in tandem without sound distortion or zero tonal variation.


  • Amazing craftsmanship
  • Great gift
  • Amp allows high-quality tonal variation
  • No distortion sound


  • Lacks clip belt
  • No AC adapter cable

8. Peavey Nano Vypyr Battery Operated Guitar Amplifier

Peavey amplifier has a great selection of effects including delay, reverb, modulating plus more. What makes the above unit more popular among its users is simultaneous use of effects. You can combine different results to get the sound that fits your preference. Also, you can easily control the speed, depth and more by a turn of a dial.

Separate Reverb and Delay Dials

Another great functionality is a separate dial for the reverb and delay effects. The previous amps did not have this feature. You can easily add these two effects to the other impact while in use. It gives you more control and convenience over other amps accessories

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An amp that uses battery gives you a lot of freedom. Not only while on the move but also during a power outage. You can listen to your songs even when there is no power source or supply.

Also, the technology is high to allow your battery to have good battery life even in endless continuous operationAs you listen in, you have zero worries of frequent battery replacements before the expected benefits.


  • Offers Better Distortion Choices
  • Lightweight
  • Good Battery Life
  • Great Sound


  • Low-quality Battery Cover
  • Produces Hum Sound

9. Blackstar FLY3 Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier, 3W

Blackstar prides on having a 2-Channel functionality including Overdrive and Clean. Both of these offer a solid sound. Also, they are well made and during use provide an adjustable sound gain.

MP3/Line 3″ Speaker 

Blackstar features a 3-inch speaker with sturdy construction. The speaker outputs a crystal clear, powerful sound that is soothing to your ears. The people around can also enjoy the music even at high volumes with zero distortions. Also, the mp3 line allows you to connect your smartphone, mp3 player to enjoy your saved music.

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DC or Battery Powered

When you have the option of DC or battery powered, you convenience increases. The above amp efficiently utilizes your unit’s battery after each use. While in transit or an area where there’s no power source, the music continues. It is ideal in places where electricity blackouts are a common occurrence. If you are near a power source, you can use an AC adapter, to power your amplifier.

Extension Cable

With the unit above, you get an extension cable. The cord helps you to connect your item at a considerable distance. You do not have to be close to the power source to listen to your favorite tracks.


  • Inclusive of an extension cable
  • Features a clear user manual
  • Batteries included


  • Great for practice and not for professional use

10. Orange Amplifiers Micro Crush Pix 3 Watt 9-Volt Mini Amp

Also, the Micro Crush amplifier comprises of an integrated tuner. The tuner guarantees an accurate tone and sound variation. You will have a level higher music experience unlike what other units offer.

Sturdy Construction

The above item has a solid design. The chassis is made of metal while the case with wood. Both of these materials combined offer premium performance and easy use. You can clean the outer cover within minutes to get that polish look. Also, it the orange color is eye-catching and pops out.

3-Watt and 9-Volt Power Use

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The unit above uses 3 watts of electricity and 9-Volt battery power. You get an option of what power source to use. At such low wattage and voltage, efficient power consumption is a guarantee. Also with the 4-Inch speaker, you get a great sound and long battery life.


With its lightweight feature, you get a smooth and comfortable use. You can quickly move, store and clean it with no effort. Besides, you can place it anywhere without taking up too much space.


  • Ideal for travel
  • Beautiful Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Sturdy Built


  • No variety of colors
  • No AC adapter

The Buying Guide ( How to choose)

If you plan to go out to purchase a battery-powered guitar amp, there are some things you need to focus on. We will help you with some critical information to give you an easier time to make a concise decision.

What will you use the amp for?

The purpose of the amp will make you purchase one that fits your need. There are professional and practice units. If you are buying for your kid or using for leisure, then an amp is handy for this. Other smaller amps are not ideal for professional use because of the construction. Remember if you overwork your unit or use it for the wrong reasons, it causes more damage than good.

Why Buy a Battery-powered Amplifier?

There are many reasons why people prefer an amp that uses batteries. For starters, you can use it in an area where there is no electricity. Also, for a person who is always on the go, it is ideal to offer uninterrupted music experience.

What makes an amplifier more popular, unlike other music devices?

I know you have come across different music devices like a speaker, radio, mp3 players and also amplifiers. Even music producers prefer to use an amp during their creative sessions. With an amp, you get freedom and full control on what sound you want. You can get a clear, crisp or one that has a variety of effects. Furthermore, some of these units have over that effect to give a wide array of options to choose from.

What features make an amplifier standout from other devices?

The different parts of a battery-powered guitar amp have specific functionalities. For example, some units have an inbuilt tuner that offers accurate tone and sound variation. Also, check for the full range of effects. The most famous being delay reverb and modulating. Additionally, some amps let you simultaneously use the impact. Other notable functionalities include the size, design, weight, material. All these play an essential role in the overall performance.

Advantages of Battery Powered Amp

When you purchase a gadget, its portability features plays a considerable role in the overall performance. The main benefit you get from a battery-powered guitar amp is the ability to carry it around with extreme ease. Due to its compact size, a single individual can operate it effortlessly. For a person always outdoors, it is a unit ideal to have music on the go. You do not have to worry about power sources because the batteries do a superb job.

Great Sound Quality

A guitar amp offers clear and high-quality sound. Most of these amplifiers are small but with a dominant performance. The above amps are better in performance in small spacings like your bedroom or living room unlike the bigger ones. If for instance, you are using a vast amp, most likely the acoustics gets a distortion. Most of the guitars sound great when you use low volume, unlike a bigger amp.

Use Minimum Storage Space

Enter your text Another advantage is to use os minimum storage space. You can comfortably and easily place it in a corner or a pant pocket for future use.

Power Options

With a battery powered amp, most have a DC power option. In case you are an area with electric supply, you can plug it in. The mechanism it uses is a plug and play to enhance your user experience. Also, if you are moving around, you have endless music experience because of the batteries. Besides, it works well in areas that have frequent blackouts. 

Final Verdict

Going out does not mean the music should end. Also, it does not require the purchase of additional accessories. When you have a battery powered guitar amp, your experience is hassle-free. Even if you are traveling or visiting a remote area, you can still enjoy your favorite music. Features like mp3 and headphone jacks, ensure you have peaceful music experience. Not only will you concentrate on perfecting your music skills but also avoid disturbing the people around. Always remember to check for the features that will benefit you, it is better to do thorough research beforehand to prevent future losses. Lastly, get yourself a guitar amp and enjoy the different sounds. Happy listening!

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