5 Best Acoustic Guitar Humidifier 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Guitars are made of wood, and so depending upon the humidity in the air, they may crack. For all those, who have no idea, how to prevent their guitars from cracking up, here is the basic and most important solution, a humidifier for guitars.

Acoustic guitar humidifier keeps the moisture in check and prevents the guitar from cracking. If you want to keep your beloved guitar safe, then owning a guitar humidifier is a mandatory.

What is guitar humidifier?

A guitar humidifier is a gadget that keeps your guitar moist enough to prevent warping or cracking. There are different forms of humidifiers with most of them utilizing sponges encased in latex. 

These are moistened with distilled or tap water and inserted between the guitar strings. Or an acoustic guitar, the humidifier extends into the instrument body to allow moisture to radiate throughout its cavity.

Why do you need Humidifier?

Since guitars are made of different types of wood, the ideal humidity level is between 45 and 55% to keep the instrument functioning as desired. You need to use a guitar humidifier to prevent the following problems:

  • Sharp fret ends resulting from shrinking of the fingerboard. This results when the guitar loses moisture therefore leaving the frets protruding from the guitar fretboard.
  • When the guitar lacks moisture the string action will be lowered since the fingerboard extension area may sink causing problems at the point where the body and neck joins.
  • Opening seams and cracks on the guitar timber. If not attended to in time, this can result in expensive repair work.
  • The surface of the guitar may have a feeling of raised grain due to drying of the wood. This should signal the need of using a humidifier before the problem become worse.
  • A dry guitar body will produce sounds that don’t impress the guitar player and can lead to frustrations trying to tune the instrument.

Top Picks Acoustic Guitar Humidifier – Reviews

You can see lot's of guitar humidifier in the market, but choosing the best one is difficult. You can search on google for best humidifier to select one. There is another option to search on YouTube for this. I'm here providing you five of the best selling guitar humidifier on the market according to user reviews. Let's see which one is the best acoustic guitar humidifier for you.

5. Moozikpro Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

The Moozikpro acoustic guitar humidifier protects your expensive guitar from shrinking, cracking or warping even in the toughest and driest conditions. It is designed to release moisture safely and evenly, therefore, preventing potential guitar problems. All you need to do is moisten the sponge and suspend it using the guitar strings, and you are all set.


It features an anti-drip design that leaves no mess and will not touch the body of your instrument. It offers a quick-open design for checking humidity.

This guitar humidifier does all the job while you focus on playing your guitar. It requires moistening with distilled water once a month or when the sponge gets dry. You are assured of lifetime satisfaction using this product. It measures 3.2 by 3.4 by 1.3 inches and weighs 1 ounce.


  • Very affordable product.
  • Easy to use.
  • Perfect For a beginner guitarist.


  • My leak at times it sponge is too wet.

4. Kyser Humidifier for Acoustic Guitars

Exposing your guitar to a very dry climate for too long can cause it to lose resonance and even damage the body due to warping and shrinking. With this humidifier, you can easily install and remove it through the sound hole to maintain the humidity inside of your guitar.


It is designed to absorb any excess moisture when the weather condition is damp and humidifiers the inside environment in dry climatic conditions. This product offers a smart and quite inexpensive way to ensure your guitar is protected all the time. It provides uniform distribution of humidity throughout your guitar.

It comes with two hole sizes to properly fit your guitar. And depending on your location, you may need to replenish the water between once and thrice a week. It can keep your guitar humidified for days even in hot deserts like Utah without needing a refill. This humidifier easily accommodates your methodology and allows you to keep playing the way you like without the need for regular adjustment or frustrations with the way your dry guitar sounds.


  • Regulates humidity inside your guitar.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Absorbs excess moisture when the condition is damp.


  • Requires regular water replenishing for it to keep moistening the guitar.

3. Oasis OH-6 Case Humidifier

When you use Oasis OH-6 case humidifier, your guitar will have a continuous quality output, and its body will protect from drying damage. They fit very easily into your guitar and are designed for easy detection when it is time to replenish the water; they shrivel up gradually as the water escapes through evaporation.

You can also use it for the mandolin, an instrument whose humidifier is hard to find since its sound hole is so small. The little round humidifier has a magnet that attaches to the included metal clamp that slides easily into the guitar case edge. And even if your guitar does not allow for this, you can just leave it in the head section or around the place where the guitar neck attaches to the body. In the dessert, you may have to refill it once a week.


  • It poses no risk of getting water inside the guitar or the strings.
  • It’s so small you will have no trouble fitting it into the case.


  • You have to keep water in it all the time, or it will shrivel ad stick together becoming stiff.

2. D’Addario Two-Way Humidification System

The D'Addario Humidipak System qualifies to be the best guitar humidifier due to its maintenance-free system that uses two-way humidity system. The humidifier adds or removes moisture on demand and automatically maintains a humidity level of 45-50% at all times.


It maintains this optimal condition within the guitar case. It eliminates the concerns of moisture related to seasonal changes, your geographical region, and temperature among other significant factors. You don’t need to guess anymore or experience the mess of refilling the sponges. This smart humidifier protects your guitar from warping, cracking or any other damage caused by drying out.

The replacement packets for the D’Addario Humidipak System come in pairs of three for the PW-HPRP-03 and 12 for the PW-HPRP and these packets will last an average of 2-4 months based on your location. You don’t have to go through dripping sponges that can damage your precious instrument neither do you have to guess the humidity level when seasons changes or temperature varies.


It provides you with a two-way humidity control through a system that releases water vapor or absorbing the vapor to maintain a constant humidity condition of between 45 and 50% within the sealed environment of your guitar case; this provides a consistent ideal environment for any wooden instrument.


  • A very simple product.
  • Requires no maintenance.
  • Works as expected.


  • It doesn’t last all that long.

1. Nomad MN300 Humitar Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

Music Nomad's Humitar has created that is very easy to use and requires little maintenance in keeping your precious guitar wood humidified all the time. This ensures the acoustic guitar plays as required and keeps its shape and quality no matter the humidity conditions.


The Humitar releases moisture safely and evenly eliminating cracking, shrinking or warping of the guitar body. It features the innovative Humid-i-Bar sponge that can hold a lot of water without dripping. This means you are free from regular monitoring of the guitar.

And to check the humidity, you simply pop its top and touch the Humid-i-Bar to determine if it’s wet or dry. Just remove the sponge, soak it in distilled water then reinstall quickly with no mess.

Using Tips

Using this product is easy since the sponge can be accessed without struggle and can stay for long without requiring replenishment. Once soaked, just slide it between the strings as it does not need any particular latch or hook. If you live in a very dry place, weekly re-moistening is all you need compared to the other humidifiers which can require replenishing after only a few days.


  • The sponge holds a lot more water.
  • It releases the water safely without affecting the instrument.
  • It is simple to use.
  • Moderately priced.


  • Dries out quickly in dry weather conditions.

How a Guitar Humidifier Work?

A guitar humidifier basically, prevents the guitar from getting damaged, by keeping the humidity of the wood in check. There are three types of humidifier, and each works in a different way to guard the guitar. 1st is a sound hole humidifier. This is the most popular type. They sit either in the sound hole or between the strings of the guitar. 2nd guitar case humidifier, these are kept in the case, to keep the case humidity controlled. 3rd room humidifier is for the guitars that are kept out of the case, or when there multiple guitars to control.

Benefits of Using Guitar Humidifier

Preventing damage to guitar body – As the acoustic guitars are made of wood, depending upon the humidity, they tend to shrink and expand. This shrinking and expanding of the body of guitar affects the sound box. Not only that, the neck of the guitar also gets affected. As a result, you can end up with a guitar, which is absolutely unplayable and ruined.

- Protecting the sound quality

Any acoustic guitar depends highly on the sound-box. Now, if the guitar is kept in a place which is high in humidity, then the sound-box gets affected. This will lead to a degraded sound.

- Checking the appearance

Most acoustic guitars, besides producing amazing sound, looks amazing. They always have an intricate finish to them and are coated with Nitro or sun burnt finish. The humidity affects the look as well for, at times, thin hairline cracks are formed in the guitar that leads to a damaged outer-look. And what is a guitar, if it doesn’t sound as well as look good.

- Protecting the investment

There are usually three types of people. One who plays guitar as a hobby another that plays as a profession, and then there’s this third kind, that buys and stores guitars because they love it. For the third kind, buying guitar is an investment, they can spend a lot of money on this, and so it is important, to use humidifier to store and save them.

Choosing the type of humidifier from the market

As already mentioned, humidifiers are usually of three different types, and here comes the part where you have to choose. What type of humidifier you want to use to regulate the moisture content of your guitar? If you want your guitar humidifier to be just inside the guitar and really close to it all the time, then the best one for this is the sound hole humidifier.

As, this one can be tied to the strings and easily put in the sound hole to maintain the humidity. Next in the category is the guitar case humidifier, which is the safest option. As, it remains inside the guitar case, it maintains the moisture content of the whole guitar, when it is kept inside the case.

Sound hole and guitar case are the most commonly used humidifiers. But those, who keep their guitars hanging on the wall, or have multiple guitars to care for, they should always opt for room humidifier, as then buying a humidifier for each guitar is not required and an overall protection is achieved.

Things to consider while buying it

It is important to keep the following things in mind, while you are deciding which humidifier you should buy.

  • Functionality: It is important for the guitar humidifier to achieve what it claims. For it should control the humidity, neither too much nor too less. It should be the adequate amount, for the guitar to be kept safe.
  • Effectiveness: The effectiveness is very necessary, it should work properly and distinguishable in different seasons. For it should provide as well as maintain adequate moisture content during winters when it is dry and the weather is chilly.
  • Guitar’s Safety: Safety of the guitar is of utmost important. And the humidifier should be safe for each and every part of the guitar, so that no scratch or crack is formed on it.
  •  Convenient: Nobody needs a guitar humidifier that is complicated and can’t be used easily. It should be simple and should be easy to set-up as well should be easily operated.

Buying Guide For Guitar Humidifier

Now comes the most important part, buying the best humidifier. Following three points should always be remembered whenever you are buying a humidifier.


First and foremost is the budget. Try not to compromise the budget. A humidifier is usually a long lasting thing, and it is important to buy a good one, to keep your far more costly guitar in check. So, it is advisable not to go for the cheaper ones. Generally, they don’t cost a lot, so when you are choosing one, be a little lenient and buy one within a good price range.


Before settling on one humidifier, research as much possible. Go through the reviews of various humidifiers, check the ratings of customers, go through the lists of pros and cons and then settle for the best one.

Shopping Center

After everything when you have decided which one you want to buy, check both online and in your nearest stores. Compare the prices offered at various websites as well as shops, and then go for it.

Final Words

If you own a guitar, you should always remember that even if it’s just an instrument, it should be properly cared for. And a guitar humidifier, in no way is optional, but is an absolutely necessary item. They keep your guitars in shape and helps in increasing their longevity. So, don’t waste any more time, search and find the best humidifier and treat your guitar and yourself with. This will no doubt give your guitar a long life and will save you hundreds rather thousands of dollars.

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