5 Best Acoustic Guitar Brands Loved By Famous Guitarist

Whether a guitar enthusiast or not, you've probably heard of the excellent music by famous guitarists. And you’ve probably come across some of the acoustic guitar brands we're going to discuss in this article. Some are also among the brands adored and respected by famous guitarists.

Best brands renown for churning out quality acoustic guitars

1. Martin & Co

Martin's brand has been around for ages and has been the leading manufacturer of flat top guitars. Christian Fredrick Martin established it in 1833. With 187 years of experience, it has been producing high-end acoustic guitars, and you are sure to get quality and durable ones to match your music style. This makes it a top brand compared to other brands in the market, and they are the best anywhere. It produces classical sound guitars with a warm voice and amazing tones.

Famous guitarists have been spotted playing acoustic guitars by Martin & Co. These guitars are made with strings that produce the best sound. The guitars come in various designs to suit your preference. Some of the guitars by this brand include; the X-series, 15 series, 17 series, standard, junior series, and road series. Each is uniquely designed with the best tonewood like mahogany to produce strong sound or warm tones. The famous William Nelson and George Jones have been seen using this brand in their music.

2. Gibson 

Just like Martins, the Gibson brand has been around for ages too since 1902. They have produced quality guitars over the past years, and they continue to impress guitar enthusiasts with their modern designs. They have been producing both acoustic and electric guitar styles, with their being the first flat-top acoustic guitar produced in 1910. Gibson acoustic guitars are of high quality, elegant, and made with durable materials to last you longer.

Their acoustic designs include stringed guitars, classical nylon guitars, and arched guitars. They own other brands as well, and some of their guitars are under a variety of sub-brand names. Gibson guitars are manufactured in the USA with their most famous guitar known as the Gibson Les Paul. These guitars, made with a classic look, are best used for rock, metal punk, etc.

They are designed in great shapes to suit your needs and mahogany for a great sound when playing them. Other brands owned by Gibson are like Epiphone and Steinberger. Some of the best models of this brand include The Hummingbird and Gibson J45. Some of the famous musicians who have had their hands in the Gibson models include Bob Marley, BB King, Chet Atkins, among others.

3. Fender

Apart from Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars, Fender is known for; this brand also produces good acoustic guitars. They produce elegantly-designed acoustic guitars that offer great performance.  Their guitars have quality wood and are made with other unique wood-like basswoods. The brand is easily accessible, and their acoustic guitars have a beautiful appearance with a solid body.

Generally, fender acoustic guitars are made to be louder though they can also be used for playing slow blues. The models are affordable prices to fit your budget, although there are some expensive models in the market too. Each model is designed to fit anyone, whether a beginner or an advanced guitarist. The steel-string acoustic guitars by fender were mostly used for blues or country music.

Fender acoustic guitars come in a variety of series from CD-dreadnoughts, CF- fenders folk, CP-parlors, CJ-jumbos to California series, and T-bucket series. Each series contain a variety of models to choose from. You get both standard and luxurious models with top-notch designs from Fender. Famous people like Jimi Hendrix are known to have used a Fender acoustic guitar. Fender acoustic guitars are easy and comfortable to play even when you are an amateur.

4. Yamaha

Started in the 1940s, this Japanese company has been producing high-quality acoustic guitars like the Yamaha AC3R and the C40. There are available guitar series to choose from, e. g the F-series. They also produce electric and classical guitars. Their guitars offer great sound with high-quality tonewoods. Acoustic guitars by Yamaha apart from being of quality, they are also affordable and can be played either by beginners or pro guitarists. They offer a great natural sound for classical style and fingerpicking.

There is a wide range of models to choose from this brand, from nylon-strings to steel-string dreadnoughts. Each model produces a different sound to suit your style. Yamaha acoustic guitars have been played with famous guitarists like Billy Corgan, who played a Yamaha LJ16BC and Reeves Gabrels, who played a Yamaha THR100. Other famous guitarists who used Yamaha acoustic guitars for their music include; Bob Marley, Joe McDonald, John Denver, among others.

 Apart from acoustic guitars, Yamaha also produces electronics, motorcycles, and other musical instruments like drums, pianos, etc. Their acoustic guitars are very affordable and are innovative as well.

5. Ibanez

Ibanez is also a good brand when it comes to acoustic guitars. Since 1957, Ibanez has produced some of the best acoustic guitars with high-quality designs. It has also produced quality amplifiers and musical instruments. Their acoustic guitars are made with fine tonewood for warm or heavy tones in your music. The Japan-based brand has produced a variety of models that are of quality materials crafted to meet your needs. With a budget-friendly price, you are sure to get a nice acoustic guitar from this brand and be satisfied with the natural sound it produces. Many guitarists are famously known to have used the Ibanez guitars.

The years they have in business make it is among the best in producing acoustic guitars. A good model that has been famously used is the Ibanez Euphoria. There are also left-hand acoustic guitars models like the AEG101LII cutaway acoustic-electric model. This makes it suitable for people who are left-handed to have something to play music with. This brand does not only offer quality, but their guitars are sleek-designed with a flat neck and are lightweight to carry on your lap.


Every artist is different when it comes to which brand produces the best acoustic guitars. It all narrows down to the genre of music you intend to use it for, whether it’s going modern or playing the old school music.

All these brands have years of experience in producing high-end acoustic guitars. Even if you’ve never picked up an acoustic guitar before, you’ve probably heard about them. With a good brand at hand, your acoustic tunes can be as good as that of the famous guitarists you hear about.

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