10 Best Acoustic-Electric Guitar Under 300 – Buyer’s Guide 2021

An acoustic electric guitar is the best on-board electronic guitar that is not only good for amplification but also for a wide range of tone control, most especially for a gigging or a recording musician. 

It does not really matter whether you play the guitar for your own satisfaction, or to build a career and become a professional guitarist. It is equally important for you to choose the right kind of instrument. If you can afford it, you can surely opt for an expensive guitar.

However, if you do not have that kind of money, there are plenty of inexpensive and affordable ones that can also help you with your music. It is, therefore, important for you to ensure that you find a budget friendly acoustic electric guitar that suits your needs.

But, on several occasions, many guitarists including the experienced ones who don’t know the differences between pickups, preamps and all the technical jargons end up wasting lots of their money and time. The truth is- finding the acoustic electric guitar under 300 is not an easy task. Many of them are lackluster and can easily let you down. So, to help you save time and money here is what you need to know before choosing the best acoustic electric Guitar in 2017.

Top Picks Guitar With Your Budget: Reviews

With that in mind, let us now take a look at the 10 best acoustic electric guitar Reviews. This will help you to have a clear idea of the kind of guitar you want when in the market to buy one.

10. Ovation AB24-5 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The AB24-5 Acoustic-Electric guitar is an entry-level instrument developed for innovative musicians. It features most of the traditional style and sound of the classic and bold Ovation Balladeer.

It also offers an well-balanced and well-defined sound with great value and smooth playing. That's make it the ideal instrument for beginners and intermediate guitarists.

The instrument made of laminated spruce top complete with quarter sawn spruce bracing. The satin finish on the neck of the instrument developed from eastern mahogany.

With a glossy finish, the guitar is as attractive as it is great for making music. The presence of numerous features of the instrument is a great example of the innovative thinking.

Even though the materials used by them are fairly non-traditional. Featuring the company’s very own OP-4BT preamp with a volume gain knob, you can control the bass, treble and mid features of your music.

Ovation guitars are also known for the clarity of their sounds, and this model is no different. Each of the six strings produce distinctive sounds and helps every note to ring clearly. The clarity of the sound is one of the best features of this instrument that makes it ideal for beginners.

Things we like:

  • Great clarity in the tone with distinctive sound from each string.
  • Great comfort for guitarists.
  • Impressive electronics with the ability to shape numerous tones.
  • Presence of a neck that is decently fast and comfortably playable at the same time.

Things we don't like:

  • Guitar case is not included in the price and have to be purchased separately.
  • The non-traditional materials used in the instrument may not appeal to everybody.

9. Fender FA-115 Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The FA-115 Cutaway acoustic electric guitar from Fender is another great instrument from the already renowned musical instruments manufacturer. This guitar features some upgraded specifications over their previous editions. Which include a new inlay of holographic rosette.

However, the inlay design of the new 12th-fret “F” logo as well as the bridge saddle to enhance the tone of the sound is major updates from its predecessors. Other popular features of the FA-115 are here. It's include mahogany on the back, neck and the sides, along with pin-striping on the headstock and body binding. Rosewood on the fingerboard and the bridge, etc.

The active preamp system of the guitar is in-built with a chromatic tuner, enabling you to make great music with sharp tuning. The instrument is also developed with 3-band EQ. An on-off switch and a volume control, which enables you to have a firm control over the type of music and sound that you wish to develop.

Things we like:

  • Great sound and consistency.
  • Comfortable feel for all kinds of environments.
  • Offers great control to users in terms of music and sound tuning.
  • Rich look and beautiful feel with great quality materials used for manufacturing.
  • Inexpensive price tag and great value for money.

Things we don't like:

  • The price does not include a guitar case.
  • Dry rosewood finish makes scratches stick out like a sore thumb.
  • The out-of-box setup is considerably poor.

8. Fender CD-60SCE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The musical instruments manufacturer, Fender, redesigned their popular CD-60SCE. Classic Design Series and dished out the CD-60SCE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar with many upgraded features.

The impressive guitar also features an on-board pickup from Fish-man along with preamp and tuner. Tat will help you with making great music when on stage.

The large body size of this dreadnought musical instrument and the classic tones will help you to develop a great sound. You will also get the necessary projection for various applications such as vocals. Also in solo music-making and a number of other such musical works. This guitar is hugely popular among many beginners and intermediates. For their impressive looks and quality along with their ease in playability and great value that is quite difficult to match.

Things we like:

  • On-board preamp, Fish-man pickup and tuner to produce amplified onstage performances.
  • Comfortable feel and great looks to assist unmatched comfort while making music.
  • Use of mahogany in the back, neck and on the sides to allow easy access and great comfort.
  • Inexpensive price tag and great value for money that cannot be easily matched.
  • Also comes with a guitar case, and does not require extra expenditure for the kit.

Things we don't like:

  • The guitar stand and strap in the package are poorly made and does little to add to the value of the guitar.
  • There have been reports of the finishing on the neck and the body coming off from a few users.

7. Yamaha APX600 BL Thin Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Black

The Yamaha APX600 series strike the perfect balance between the feel of the low profile electric guitars. It has the impressive tone of the acoustic guitars.

This makes the Yamaha APX600 guitar the perfect musical instrument with a balanced and true acoustic sound.

This guitar also features an active pick-up system from Piezo with EQ-505 3-band, enclosed tuners that are Gold-Die cast and a pair of Gold strap pins.

The guitar has a transparent blue body with mahogany being used for the back, neck and the sides, and completed with a Spruce top finish.

The bridge and the fret board are made of rosewood to offer great comfort in the feel and use. The neck and the headstock comprise of single-ply binding for additional comfort for guitarists. With the use of D’Addario strings, you will be able to obtain finely tuned sound of great tone and clarity.

Things we like:

  • Mahogany back, neck and sides with Spruce top finish to offer great comfort to guitarists.
  • Great clarity and tone of the sounds produced by the D’Addario strings for making great music.
  • Transparent blue finish offers an attractive appearance to the guitar.
  • Inexpensive price offering great value for money to beginners and intermediates.

Things we don't like:

  • A guitar bag is not included in the price, and must be purchased separately.
  • The edges of the frets are fairly sticky, and causes a great deal of distress while playing.

6. Taylor GS Mini-e Koa

The GS Mini-e Koa manufactured by Taylor, has a size that has been considerably scaled down. However, the guitar is still able to deliver the sounds of a full-sized guitar.

The great deal of ease in portability offered due to its reduced size, accompanied by the impressive musical tones. Sounds that it delivers, makes way for a fabulous instrument that can be used almost everywhere.

This guitar has a considerably shorter scale length of 23.5 inches. Which allows you to fine-tune the instrument with enough ease and also offer a great deal of stability to your music.

The guitar also features the revolutionary pickup design ES2 developed by the company. Taylor has been able to develop the ES2 or Expression System 2 pickup design with a patented pickup that comprises of three pickup sensors. These sensors are uniquely positioned and calibrated to enable the guitar to produce acoustic sounds of a far more dynamic range than ever before.

Things we like:

  • Produces consistent sounds and enables the making of great acoustic music.
  • Has a great feel and offers great comfort to guitarists.The tuning has a great consistency, which enables you to produce sound with great clarity of tone.
  • Each string offers great clarity in sound and enables you to make distinctive music.

Things we don't like:

  • There is almost no negative aspect of the guitar in terms of performance or quality, as is evident from almost every review from users.
  • The only blemish may be in the form of the price as it is slightly more than numerous other acoustic guitars out there.
  • The many features, however, do render the price absolutely justifiable, and you can obtain great value for your money.

5. Epiphone EJ-200SCE Solid Top Cutaway

The EJ-200SCE Acoustic and Electric guitar from Epiphone comprises of all the style quotient. Also the sound qualities and play-ability options of the renowned original of Gibson. The best aspect of this guitar is that all these features are available at a much cheaper price than the original.

The musical instrument features a Nano-flex pickup system that uses a total of seven layers of sensors.

That are super-sensitive and ultra-responsive. This allows the guitar to sense the vibrations of the strings as well as those of the body of the instrument as well with sufficient ease. This pickup design also incorporates the amplification directly at the focal point of the pickup. This allows the quality of the signals to be completely uncompromising as they do not have to travel through any length of the wire.

Things we like:

  • A large maple body complete with rosewood fingerboard and crown inlays makes for great appearance and feel.
  • Spruce top allows for great comfort during use.
  • The Nano Flex pickup system provides uncompromising sound quality due to amplification at the very focal point of the pickup.

Things we don't like:

  • The guitar case is sold separately, and not included in the price of the guitar.
  • The quality of the set up stick is considerable poor.

4. Fender T-Bucket 300CE Acoustic Electric Guitar with Cutaway

The T-Bucket 300CE Acoustic Electric Guitar with Cutaway, Rosewood Fingerboard is an instrument, which expresses the bold attitude of the modern day acoustic guitarist.

The standout features of this guitar include a fingerboard inlay, head-stock and rosette graphics and a greatly figured top. That resonates freely to produce natural sounds with a dynamic tone.

All of these features combine together to offer you an instrument. There is a stands out in the crowd due to its looks as well as the quality of sound that you can make from it. It also features a pickup system from Fish-man Isys III along with an active and efficient preamp, controls for the tone as well as the volume and a tuner. All of these on-board systems will help you to fine-tune the quality of your music according to your desire.

Things we like:

  • The top has a flame laminated design whereas the back has laminated mahogany, which offers the guitar a great appearance.
  • Fishman Isys III pickup system that offers great quality of sound.
  • The tuner as well as the volume controls allow users to have sufficient control on the quality of the music or sound produced.
  • The price is fairly reasonable.

Things we don't like:

  • The tuners do cause a few issues at times.
  • The price does not include a case for the guitar, and must be purchased separately.

3. Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic Electric Guitar (Package)

The Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic/Electric guitar was everything and more that I was hoping it would be. It really lives up to the Epiphone name. The sound quality is fantastic, it is well built, and not too expensive.

I was looking for something with fantastic sound quality, great looks and most importantly, that wasn’t out of my price range. I didn’t want to be spending lots in case he changed his mind about playing. I’ve been playing guitar professionally for years now, and even I would use this guitar. If my boy changes his mind I’ll still keep it for myself!

I was a bit skeptical about how the package would go in the post. I thought it might get damaged in shipping. Luckily it arrived in perfect condition. My son was excited, because once out of the box, he could start playing straight away. Everything needed to get started is in the package. Other than the guitar, it comes with an amplifier, gig bag, pitch pipe and lesson DVD. The DVD is great. We put it on straight away and within half an hour my son was playing a tune.

Color Quality

The color of the guitar is really nice too. A nice light golden oak type color, with a deep chocolate brown neck. My son is only 11, so I bought him a lighter set of strings (I bought Zebra 9-42), but the strings that it comes will be great for him as he gets more experienced. The guitar in itself is quite thin, and really light, but this doesn’t alter the sound and makes it a really easy play.

The amp’s small, which is great for carrying it around and transporting it. But don’t be tricked, the size of the amp says nothing for how big its sound is. The amplifier’s a steal in itself, really. I would’ve been happy to pay the price I did for the whole package just for this amp if I’m honest. The sound is smooth and fills huge spaces. The amp also has 2 channels, so you can plug a mic or aux in and also a headphone out.

Even without the amp, the sound is great. A really warm, deep acoustic sound. It has a surprisingly seasoned guitar tone. It is clear without having that tinny sound that completely ruins a tune. I had a little strum and finger pick, and was really happy with the musical results. When the amp is pugged in, the sound is deep and engaging. Love it. Perfect for my son, but perfect for me too.

Things we like:

  • Mahogany body and Spruce top allows for great appearance and comfort when making music.
  • Features an active Peizo pickup that allows the making of fine quality sound.
  • The fret-board is made of rosewood, which allows easy access and play-ability options regardless of whether you are in the studio or on stage.
  • The package includes a number of essential items that can help you to use the guitar with sufficient ease.

Things we don't like:

  • The placements of the frets are a little high and may not suit all guitarists alike.
  • Sometimes, the strings can make a strange vibrating noise if the tuning is not done to perfection.

Four months into owning the guitar I have never had to contact Epiphone for support. All the instructions come with it, and I have never once had any problems or issues. If you are looking for a guitar that you can trust will offer great sound, feel and quality, then this is definitely the way to go. You won’t be disappointed!

2. Blue Full Size Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar (Free Bag, Case & Picks)

This R.W. Jameson Blue Full Size Thinline Acoustic - Electric Guitar will be the only guitar you will ever need.

Everyone needs to have an acoustic guitar that can also plug in as an electric guitar. It is composed of durable yet beautiful woods that will last a lifetime.

The steel strings will feel like heaven as you rip through chords.

All you have to do is plug in the guitar to an amp to rock the night away. Otherwise, there is no need for an amplifier to play this guitar acoustically.

Perfectly Built For Harmony This Jameson guitar is perfectly built to play the best harmonies. This guitar is 41 inches in length . This long length will allow the guitar to nestle into anyone's fingers. The slim 3 inch width aids in wrapping your fingers snugly to play the strings with ease. There is a slight curve featured at the bottom of the base . This allows the guitar to rest easily on the leg while playing.

Built In Pickup And Equalizer

This acoustic Jameson guitar comes with a diecast panel at the bottom called a pre-amp. This pre-amp controls the volume or equalizes the guitar sound. This guitar also a built in pick up and tuner. These act to boost volume and to shape the tone of the acoustic guitar.

Composed Of Luscious Wood

This guitar will prove to last a lifetime. It is composed out high quality materials that will look beautiful forever. The fingerboard made of Rosebud Wood. This has a natural dark red tint will feel smooth under your fingers. The body is made of Spruce which is light yet durable. Nato Wood which has the appearance of Mahogany is also used in creating this beautiful guitar.

Comes With Everything

Your guitar comes with a carrying case. This will protect the blue finish from chips and scraps. This guitar also comes with plenty of picks to start playing just when it comes in the mail. Your guitar may not come with an amp but has an amp jack. The amp jack can be found at the bottom of the guitar.

Things we like:

  • Highly glossy finish to offer a great appearance and improve the performance greatly.
  • A thin line body of a mere 3-inch thickness that offers great comfort while playing it in the studio or on stage.
  • The package includes a gig bag case as well as guitar picks, which helps you to obtain a great deal of value for the money you pay.

Things we don't like:

  • The construction of the guitar is not well-suited for all users as the frets may be positioned high for many users.
  • Although the quality of the sound produced by this guitar is impressive, that of the strings are not.

Final Thought

You will be nothing but pleased if you purchase this guitar. Other consumers are raving over how awesome this J.W. Jameson Guitar actually is. This is the perfect guitar for the learner or the superstar. It has everything you could ever ask for and then some. If you are just learning to play you will appreciate the built in equalizer. Your playing will be full of volume and power thanks to the equalizer. Nothing will sound or feel as good as those steel strings under your fingers. One by one as you play your favorite songs with your favorite guitar.

The guitar also features a good quality finish with an attractive glossy appearance. Which makes it a standout instrument regardless of whether you use it in a studio or on stage. This also improves the comfort as well as the performance of the instrument to a great extent. You just buy the leather guitar strap to protect this guitar.

1. Fender CD-60CE Dreadnought Cutaway

Playing guitar is an activity that is very soothing and relaxing. Acoustic guitars are the most common ones since they can be played both plugged and unplugged.

Fender is well known brand for this type of guitars and the Fender CD-60CE Dreadnought Cutaway is among their new models. 

This acoustic-electric variant of the series opening model, the CD-60, features a compensated saddle, a spruce top, scalloped x-bracing, and a hard-shell case.Follow through for some of it's features that make it a versatile instrument that is a favourite to many people.

An active tuner and powerful pre-amp

This system is also designed with an on-board pre-amp to offer maximum performance. In tone shaping, you get the value of a three-band EQ with both control and quality in the package. It features volume, bass, treble, and mid controls, an inbuilt tuner, pre-wired fish man sonic-ore pickup, LED display, a phase tuner, and a battery indicator. All these offers easy play-ability with an uncompromised amplified performance.

Scalloped x-bracing

This acoustic guitar features sides and back incorporated with laminated nato. The laminated spruce top allows it to have an amazing crisp definition on the top with a scalloped-like bracing pattern. This is usually found only in the high-end guitars. This new model comes with updated bridge which adds to the stability and resonance of the instrument. With the cutaway shape, you will have a more comfortable access to all the higher frets.

Solid construction

The fender also integrates a mahogany body and neck while rosewood was used for the fret-board. With the C-shaped neck, this guitar attains a glossy finish as the synthetic bone saddle which is found at the bridge adds to the overall intonation. At it's price, it is very difficult to find this type of saddle set up making it a great purchase. Since mahogany was used, it is able to retain clarity even under very heavy attacks thus delivering rich and complex tones. That are best suited for high-velocity sounds and those that demand a wide dynamic response.

Easy to hold and play

The neck of this guitar is black and is crafted using real mahogany wood. This offers improved stability and strength for the guitar making it suitable for playing regardless of the style. It is also suited with both die-cast tuners and dual-action rods to help it stay in tune and increase its performance.

On-board electronics

This upgrade of the CD-60 also comes equipped an advanced electronics system. This enables it to seize and reproduce every single nuance of the inherent acoustic tone that is already inherent in the instrument and then translate it to the amplified world. All these makes it a prime instrument for live performances through any PA.

Things we like:

  • Great quality of audio produced due to the onboard Fishman pickup system as well as the active preamp and controls for the tuning and the volume.
  • Offers great consistency in regards to the quality of sound produced.
  • Is very comfortable and attractive for use in all environments.
  • A hard-shell guitar case is included in the price, and does not need to be purchased separately, thus saving buyers a lot of money.

Things we don't like:

  • The positioning of the frets may be high for many users.
  • The frets are also a little rough and may cause slight discomfort.
  • The tuner may be slightly difficult to read for beginners and even intermediates.

Final Thought

Overall, this is a great entry-level acoustic guitar with many new and improved features. Regardless of whether you will consider playing it with an amp or just unplugged, you will be absolutely impressed with the very decent sounds. 

It uses good quality hardware and is fitted with Fishman pickup system to deliver strong sounds even with aggressive tones. At less than $300, it is arguably the best deal you can come across. Whether you are looking to play solo or with a band, this is your best choice of unleashing all your musical potential.

Read This Before Choose the Best Acoustic Electric Guitar at Your Budget

An electric acoustic guitar, is mainly an acoustic guitar, with a piezoelectric pickup, magnetic pickup, or a microphone. So, it is basically an acoustic guitar that has a pickup system or a microphone attached to it. This attachment, allows it to use with an amplifier, thus increasing the sound of it. These are actually hybrid, since they provide the tonal quality of an acoustic guitar, and the sound, volume, power and other abilities of an electric one. They are best for those stages, where there are no mikes available but just an amplifier. This type of guitars generally uses the inbuilt pickup systems to amplify the acoustic tone. The acoustic electric guitar is used for creating music of different genres. As they provide the acoustic music, that is desired, and also the increased volume. They are also known as “plug-in acoustic guitar”.

Acoustic Electric Guitar v/s Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Electric Guitar vs Acoustic Guitar

In terms of differences, there are not many, as essentially they are the same, with one or two stand out differences.


The first difference between an acoustic guitar and an acoustic electric guitar, is that the latter can use amplifiers. Electric acoustic guitars contain built in pre-amp systems. The guitar has a hole for plugins and once a lead is plugged in. It is connected to an amplifier, it works just like an electric guitar, but with the music or sound of an acoustic one. Also, electric acoustic guitars have in built EQ system for controlling the volume.


This can be considered another distinguishable feature between the both. Often acoustic electric guitar has a cutaway in the guitar’s body. On the other hand, simple acoustic guitars are usually full bodied and have no cutaways. The cutaways are surely not for show. They help in changing the sound character of the guitar, and reduces resonance and volume. Though like everything here also exceptions are there.


The acoustic electric guitars cost a little bit more than normal acoustic guitars. This is because acoustic electric guitars contain the extra electric specifications. Which makes the price rise.

Importance of an Acoustic Electric Guitar

Well, it is said and believed that a normal acoustic guitar can be easily changed into an acoustic electric guitar, just by adding a pickup system. And here the question arises, then why should one use an acoustic electric guitar. Yes, it is true, that acoustic guitar, can be used to perform the duties of an electric acoustic one. But, the reason behind using acoustic electric guitar, is its consistency and its versatility. The acoustic electric has the amplification and the recording function as a built in feature. That’s why, no doubt, it is more stable, and is supposed to work better. These days, people love loud music, and when one wishes to provide that, acoustic electric guitar is the best way. The built in pickup will always be better than, the fixed pickup. This is the reason, why an acoustic electric guitar is needed.

Advantage For Buying The Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 300

Most acoustic guitarists, question the importance, the need and the benefits of an acoustic electric guitar. They are usually happy with the sound, their acoustic guitar produces, and they consider it loud enough, when it is only heard by them. But, no, this is not all, slowly the guitarists are realizing the need for an acoustic electric guitar, and the benefits of the hybrid over the original. Below mentioned are few such benefits:-


Amplification is the most important benefit of an acoustic electric guitar. It is the reason, why most people use this type. Amplifying allows the music to be played louder than an acoustic guitar. With this type of guitar, the guitarist needs only two things, an instrument cable and an acoustic guitar amplifier, to play in a crowded place. It is great for those guitarists, who like to play acoustic in clubs.


Recording any music using this type of guitar is like a piece of cake. The guitarist just needs to have an instrument cable, and plug it on one side to the guitar and on another to the recording device. And whatever is played, gets recorded directly, without any noise production. Using a microphone can lead to noise production, and also requires the guitarist to sit or stand at a place and play. But using an acoustic electric guitar allows them to move freely, because the recording will be done, till the cable is connected.


The acoustic guitars have this classic and authentic look to them that the electric guitars miss. The electric guitars may be slim and look ultra-modern, but most guitar lovers usually prefer that old, simple look. Since the acoustic electric guitars belongs more to the acoustic family than the electric family, they have the same looks. The electric acoustic ones, have the old wooden look and are big in size, and carry that classic look with the modern touch of loud sound.

Normal Playing

Even after being an acoustic electric guitar, it can be played absolutely like an acoustic guitar, as and when wished. If the cables are not attached and it is not linked to an amplifier, it can be played just like any acoustic guitar. If you want to play it at home, without producing loud sound, it sounds exactly like an acoustic guitar. And this is because, even after being a hybrid, it has more features of an acoustic guitar than an electric. So, it can be easily used for both loud sound production as well as alone playing.

Gig Guitars

Not typically a benefit, but they are most useful to those, who love gigging. These guitars are mainly for those, who love playing in bars, with people all around them. Playing acoustic music in crowded places, with people flowing, it gives real kick. With the noise reduction quality and the microphone system that the best acoustic electric guitar provides. Playing these guitars in gigs and bars is really easy.

Why buy an acoustic electric guitar in the first place?

  • For most acoustic-electric guitars - the pickup installed. That's allowing amplification of your sound and adding effects such as chorus, delay, and echo.
  • It is possible to hear sound even without a microphone.
  • Majority, of acoustic-electric guitars, cut ways. Which makes it is easy to take away some of the resonance and tones as compared to a full-sized body guitar.
  • Most of them have built-in tuners and they easily produce thinner sounds.

How to choose budgeted acoustic electric guitar in the market?

Choosing an acoustic electric guitar requires some bit of experience. But generally, there are five main areas you’ll need to look at. That's are:-

  • The construction and design,
  • The purpose of the guitar and the budget,
  • The level of skills,
  • The style and sound,
  • The acoustic-electric systems and the body style of the guitar.

First of all, you must be in a position to tell the differences between some of the electric guitar technical jargons. Such as preamps, magnetic pickups, piezo and contact microphones.

Although many times the choice of the acoustic electric guitar depends on personal preference. ( determined by whether you want it for live performance or for rehearsal and sound preferences). The overall goal of choosing a good acoustic-electric guitar must focused on getting a guitar, whose sound is spectacular whether you play plugged in or unplugged.

Design and construction

You’ll want to understand the design of a good acoustic guitar in order to make a better choice. For instance the body design.

A good body design of an acoustic guitar is composed of the top. The soundboard supported by internal bracing from the sides and the back to form a hollow chamber. The size and shape of the body affect both play-ability and the nature of the sound that can produced.

Secondly, the neck of the guitar. Most acoustic-electric guitars have got bolt-on necks. A good guitar must have a neck with a fretboard mounted onto the neck, top to accommodate the player’s fretting hands.

Acoustic Electric Guitar Systems

Typically, within the acoustic system, there are pickup systems in the guitar’s body that turn the vibrations of the soundboard into electronic signals. But, sometimes the signals are weaker. So, a good acoustic –electric guitar must have a preamp to make the signals stronger.

The preamp of the acoustic electric guitar - it is a preamplifier that prepares the signal coming from the microphone or the pickup. A preamp helps to boost a low signal, it cleans a signal so that it sounds better, it can adjust the signal as well as blending multiple signals into one.

The installed magnetic pickups on acoustic electric guitars sound brighter and livelier. That helps to produce a nice tone for the acoustic-electric guitar.

Body Styles, Resonance, & Sound

There are a number of body styles for guitars and each body style can give somewhat a different sound. But you’ll need to choose one that can produce the sound you want and at the same time being comfortable. But generally, large soundboards produce deeper and louder sound.

The purpose of the acoustic electric guitar. You’ll want to understand what you need the guitar for or what type of work do you expect it to perform. Do you want to play it in your home, with a band or solo? Will you use it for recording or not. For instance, if you want to choose one where you’ll need some recording. Then the piezo and contact microphones of the acoustic electric guitar, play a major role while recording. Because of their portability, when paired with a mobile recorder, they can produce a whole world of sound even in cases where there’s a lack of external power.


With our suggested pick, they are made of solid wood that helps to produce great sound. The kind of tone-woods includes cedar- that produces bright tones and favors light playing techniques with a quick response and mahogany. Which produces strong sound with high-end tones at a slower response.

Acoustic Guitar Variants

These acoustic-electric guitars have got dramatic body shapes and materials. They are ideal for players who specialize in folk and blues music. Whether unplugged, plugged or amplified, they make a good choice for live performances without any disturbances. You can easily use them to play a variety of music styles because of their performer preamp and the built-in flex pickup systems.

Their electronic system is built-in with a piezo pickup which helps to give brighter, clearer and more defined sound right and directly from the bridge of the box.


Question: What is the best acoustic electric guitar for a beginner and at a low budget?

Answer: A good guitar for beginners is one built with quality material, sound, and is playable. However buying a guitar which is too cheap, it might be hard to play, might not tune properly or even isn’t fun to play.

Question: Do acoustic-electric guitars have strap buttons and if so, How many?

Answer: Yes, some guitars have only one button and others two buttons. If you need a second strap button, you’ll have to drill a pilot hole slightly smaller than the screw and install the neck strap yourself.

Question: What is the ideal solid wood body of an electric guitar that can produce high-end tones?

Answer: The are different types of solids hardwoods depending on the brand, but the commonly used ones are cedar and mahogany.

Final verdict

Well, because the choice of the best acoustic electric guitar is dependent upon individual preference. But overall, you’ll need to choose one that fits your budget and one that can provide a solid-top tone with a wide range of sounds while at the same time is of high quality. That in mind, you can consider choosing one from either Fender CD-60CE, Blue Full Size Thinline or Epiphone PR-4E acoustic electric guitar.

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